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for The Rise of the Last Potter

9/18 c64 mermizle
And this is why people like Voldemort and Grindlewald plus there supporters should just be executed when caught.
9/16 c41 stacygrrl2002
Oooooo, here's a random thought. One has to die at the hand of the other, right? So Harry launches a spell chain that finally breaks voldies personal shield, and puts him injured on the ground. So, Harry runs up, changes into Fang, then uses the claws on his paw (hand) and rips his face off and then the other paw to rip open his chest and destroy his heart (if voldie has one being a construct, or golem).
9/16 c38 stacygrrl2002
Armed only with his wand? Does he slip the daggers past the judges? Get in trouble if he uses one? Still coated in poison since the goblin made knives would have absorbed it! Call the sword of Gryffindor since it has venom in it?
9/15 c30 stacygrrl2002
Betrothal contract between delacour and black or potter from the Grindelwald war? Good duelling
9/15 c29 stacygrrl2002
Nice speech. He could also toss in if they have no job, they have no money. No money, no potion. Maybe they could lower taxes on the potion ingredients to make it less expensive. Or subsidize the cost since it is an illness and not voluntary. maybe make tonks the heir for black, or Andi. Does Harry need a proxy for the wiz, or a regent appointed by him?
9/15 c28 stacygrrl2002
Isn't Harry due to take his potion for animagus? Or is he going to go the other way? Are there any marriage contracts hidden back to be dropped on the potter or black heir or lord? Maybe Sirius has to pass one cause of Azkaban impotence. Bet he could sue for a ton for that as a most ancient and most noble house. What did they do with crouch in Court?
9/15 c27 stacygrrl2002
You're right about Dora. I like her a lot, but she is too closely related for my comfort. You could have Sirius bring her and parents back into the family. If you toss Bella out, the partial drop in magic may be enough for her to kick it in Azkaban. That might also buffer the black vaults to give out to the tonks, Harry, and let the goblins find the cup and go off on her and her hubby, and get some donation from the blacks to boost the dmle and hit wizards. Oooooo, sneaky.
9/15 c26 stacygrrl2002
Still think you could have Daphne and Susan both in line continuation contracts and maybe Luna as Black as she is a pure blood and then someone for Potter, then find a couple more and he could have a real coven of six around one, as some people have used in other writings, not here. (Snark, snort). Still think the panther or thunderbird would be cooler, and I know it's past voting.
9/15 c21 stacygrrl2002
Just to be snarky, if you can allow extinct sabre tooth lions, then you could allow something kewl like a thunderbird
9/15 c12 stacygrrl2002
Hermione with Neville and Susan with Harry, you can add Luna with Harry if you can figure a way like line continuation, or an old contract
9/14 c16 Monkey King Omega
the best and most true harry Potter quotes is in this chapterHEDWIG'S FOREVER"
9/14 c23 Big.Daddy.Dudders
You quote the book too much. Sometimes is fine but not every chapter or multiple times a chapter
9/14 c16 Big.Daddy.Dudders
This is pretty low level writing. You really shouldn’t you’re numbers into your story, it ruins the flow. Also don’t shorten words like seconds to secs, there’s few times where you should do that on a paper, better yet a story.
9/8 c59 Professor Chaos
Was that Piccolo's special beam cannon from DBZ?
9/6 c19 Guest
make him a multimagus
like he can turn into multiple animaguses
got that out of another fic
but i thought it was pretty cool
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