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for The Rise of the Last Potter

11/6 c2 Soul Sendant
based on the retarded authors failed joke at the end of this chapter I believe this will probly turn out to be more wish fulfillment trash with a Whores-R-Us harem. It will most definitely be lacking in common sense, intelligence, and decent morals.
11/6 c2 Soul Sendant
yeah, this will be another lame story for sure based on these first 2 chapters, not to mention how very short the chapters are
11/6 c1 Soul Sendant
Very lame and nonsensical, if Harry passed out, he died. Nothing would keep him alive as voldemort would definitely make sure he died.
11/6 c74 3WhiteElfElder
I wonder how Harry will fair against such an opponent?
11/6 c7 keht.jelicho
tl;dr: I just wanted to point out how anachronistic and jarring it is to see Christian flavored witch burning put in to pre-AD/CE time periods when Christianity itself wasn't even a widespread thing for several centuries into the CE/AD years.

the only thing about having the school be founded so long ago is that Christianity did not become a wide spread religion for ages, early Christians themselves were hunted down by the Romans, it only became accepted in 313 AD/CE and still was a decade before Christianity became the official religion of the Roman Empire. Also, a quick search shows that it was centuries after the time periods you've stated before Christianity started to really spread in what is now the UKAfter the end of Roman rule in Britain (c. 410 AD), Celtic paganism began to be replaced by Anglo-Saxon paganism over much of what became England. The Celtic populations of Britain and Ireland gradually converted to Christianity from the fifth century onward."
In fact, during the time period you're going by, the Romans hadn't even invaded/conquered any of the English islesAfter the Roman Empire's conquest of Gaul (58–51 BC) and southern Britain (43 AD), Celtic religion there underwent some Romanisation, resulting in a syncretic Gallo-Roman religion with deities such as Lenus Mars, Apollo Grannus, and Telesphorus. FYI Gaul was the name for what is now France). So you see, even having the Founders conflicts be changed from witch burnings to Roman conquerors would still not fit for several decades onward from the time periods you're using. Though admittedly, I would like to see an early founding (as opposed to the 1000s it usually is said that Hogwarts was founded) where the conflicts the Founders faced were against the Early Roman invaders, and perhaps even having Hadrian's wall having been some great druidic magical working that kept the romans from advancing further.
I just wanted to point out how anachronistic and jarring it is to see Christian flavored witch burning put in to pre-AD/CE time periods when Christianity itself wasn't even a widespread thing for several centuries into the CE/AD years.
11/6 c74 Walter
Man I hate these cliff hangers, well another good chapter getting ready to set up another massive fight, I wonder what your plan is in the war, as far as I’m concerned the order and dragon legion appear vastly outnumbered, with Russia already falling not a lot appears to be going right so far, either way it’ll be interesting
11/5 c74 28Kairan1979
Thanks for the update.
I don't think the Statute of Secrecy will hold. The damage was too great.
11/5 c74 8CCSakuraforever
Está muy bueno el capítulo más que está pasando en el ataque a los lugares por las fuerzas de Voldemort y gwrindenwal más que está pasando en la escuela que está sucediendo ahí más que está pasando con el tema de Harry más que lugar está siendo atacado ahora que Harry va al rescate
11/5 c74 jeremiahkelley93
Great chapter.
11/5 c74 11Power of Magic
Glad that Harry and Albus were able to save Hogsmeade and Dragon Alley respectively, and I wouldn't be surprised if the Dark Lords planned that, so that they could attack the Muggles unopposed. Glad that Harry is taking his NEWTS now, so that he can concentrate more on stopping Voldy and his new pal
11/5 c74 mike3308
I hope everyone will be okay.
11/5 c74 Guest
This is Gracques is the best again, and you’ll have to find a way to make the DaDA curse strike in the next few chapters to remove both Dumbledore and Harry from the post, which will somehow involve Grindelwald and Voldemort gaining more ground, I’m sure, but it’s a proper test of how good a writer you are how convincingly you can make the curse strike.
11/5 c74 Gracques is the best
Good chapter. I hope you make the sender of the patronus some foreign friend of Albus’, and you make this next chapter important in the war against Grindelwald, with him either gaining significant ground or failing to get it. And I hope you make the next update (relatively) quick as well, like 4-5 weeks.
11/3 c37 santos.luis.contato
Didnt author said that Ron would be breaking their friendship in GOF? And that Neville will turn out to be Harry best mate after that? But Ron didnt break until now...
11/3 c26 santos.luis.contato
Dude... A sabretooth that is like a mini SUV? dude... At least make him able to change his size... IMO why have an animagus form that you cant blend in the crowd at all?
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