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for The Rise of the Last Potter

10/19 c36 Batmanwolf738
Can you write more scenes with Harry, Daphne, and Susan
10/19 c25 JustAngry
NOOOOOOOO, poor Harry has to be a evolutionary dead end cat now.
10/18 c48 Other
This was a pretty bad chapter, lazy. Using the exact same plotline despite the many changes the story had... Harry's performance was obviously nerfed, forgot about the arch-mage ability for example, there are several others.
It is sad to see when a story goes down, what I would call, stupid plot just to push the plot a head, when I am certain there would be several ways to make this chapter in a different way, even a scratch during the maze and some blood taken, Voldy knows Harry is powerful and not willing to risk facing him when he is weakened. Voldy was already buffed in this story, Harry was buffed by introducing a change, ie the start of this novel, the early death, Voldy got buffed just to make the fight harder with no relation to any change, seems to defeat the purpose of Harry being better.
Instead, we got this.
10/18 c18 Batmanwolf738
Can you please fix the dates and keep track of which information Harry already knows.
10/18 c39 Zor
The fact the tasks were increased so much and no reasoning was given, considering most everything was canon is a bit disappointing. The fact no one is talking about the extreme level of danger despite the previous death count and the supposedly "safer" tasks is also more than weird.
Suspense of belief is working overtime on this mini arc, mostly skimming.
10/18 c7 JustAngry
Is the timeline totally AU in this story? Hogwarts was founded 10th century or something. Not like it matters that much, just had a "wtf"moment with the dates.
10/17 c3 Guest
Okay so far a solid start after chspter 3
10/16 c2 Random
Author blocked me, guess he didn't like my review on another novel, but I insist.
I like it, this is well done. It feels like the original Harry and Lily (what little we know of her in the books), everything you wrote is feasible, no bs plot, even the 60%, it was never mentioned, it could have been 90% or 10%, 60 works.
Hearing from his mother that he could do better is a believable catalyst for him to change and improve in school.
Well done, its rare for authors to introduce a change that is within the original confines of the world and be believable.
10/16 c12 Alwin-nl
Dump Fleur and include Hermione, as she is Harry’s best friend ans most logical love interest. While I’m a Ginny fan I understand many people aren’t but using his Slytherin side to date her for a while and get some… experience… could be fu
10/16 c2 Alwin-nl
Watching your child have sex, that's... Pretty kinky, Lily. haha.
10/14 c47 Dretnuh
Wait! So if Dumbledore can detect the signature of people’s magic how is Crouch jr./ fake mad eye fooling him?! Is Jr. really that good?
10/14 c44 Dretnuh
Gotta love how Harry gets 5 points taken for just like absolutely shattering a fellow students leg and then gets 30 point for bringing the bullying to flitwicks attention lmaooo
10/13 c6 Coul532003
Just a short note to let you know that I am enjoying your story and to ask a question. In most fanfiction stories, the basilisk is 50 to 70-ish feet long, but you have made it 60 meters. Is that from literary license, or just a divergence in your story? I don't mean it as a complaint, just a curiosity.
10/13 c46 fanficfan03431
If the invitation to dinner that Harry received list the 18th, why does the header preceding the dinner scene show the 20th?
Inquiring minds want to know…

This is an awesome story, btw!
10/10 c3 13Freddie Rindklip
The Omake in Chapter 4 was truly evil. Amusing, but evil.
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