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for The Rise of the Last Potter

9/5 c7 luffy1996
I'm confused, where would you find a muggle king returning from a conquest in the British Isles during the height of the Roman Empire?
9/3 c64 WildOnionTops
Great story so far. Keep up the good work!
9/2 c64 1MystPointo2355
Are you from India? Cause JEE Advance just ended recently and It is a major exam to get into Engineering Institutes for India? Or maybe it is a coincidence cause result hasn't been declared but you could have cleared JEE Mains for NIT or BIITS.
8/31 c64 1Hyokage
WOWWWWW. I am utterly blown away lol. Magnificent. I do not think I have ever seen this done before on fanfiction
8/31 c64 Guest
For Rise, I suggest coming up with an outline of your story (where you want to go) and writing up those parts that flow easiest. Then go back to the harder parts. That may also help with pacing. For battle scenes, I would recommend reading other story’s to see how they told battle scenes (like Honor Thy Blood, etc).

Your stories are great, thank you for sharing!
8/31 c52 theaceofharts
MacNair was supposed to have been killed in the graveyard but you have him doing the cannon thing going to the giants.
8/31 c64 death390
Please keep your mental health in mind, I would rather you are healthy and happy when writing than burn yourself out! Thank you for your time and effort with thus fic
8/30 c5 Idrinktomuch10
And why would he give that much money to the victims… seems excessive especially when Ron didn’t do anything
8/30 c4 Idrinktomuch10
This chapter went way to far out of character. Malfoy caved to easily if we are talking about stealing half his money
8/30 c64 originalgee
just a thought, i dont know if it will help but as a dungeon master for D&D i do fight scenes like i was describing a movie scene, you want something cinematic and thematic but still equalizes the dramatic tension with the finale. fight scenes should be a breaker not from the creativity but a way to bridge scenes that dont necessarily work together without some kind of narrative mechanism. also...
rise of the last potter is a story ive been keeping an eye on. hope it goes well for you
8/29 c7 Smokeing
Very good enjoyed reading I
8/29 c1 Smokeing
Very good start thank you
8/29 c64 www.sxyangaming
yo , congratulations . Take your time , writing is a hobby, don't disrupt your study plans for it , we will be waiting.
8/29 c64 Ariadne Venegas

And don’t worry terrible frustration an tiredness coming right up in November or December at the most.
8/29 c64 1EbonPurlight
Relax catch up on life and enjoy the freedom lol and don't let anyone deter you from that. Peace, prosperity and good day.
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