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for More pheromones (Pheromones trilogy part 2)

10/10/2021 c3 debb lavoie
I can't imagine Aro, he's will be beside himself
10/10/2021 c11 debb lavoie
Whoa, didn't see that coming . Well done.
10/10/2021 c1 debb lavoie
You had me laughing, hard. Loved this chapter.
10/9/2021 c20 fresh-BLOOD-was-drawn-2night
I’m so happy there is more. Even if it’s in the form of a couple outtakes.
10/9/2021 c20 CoppertopJ
Okay that was hot, hot, and hot. Can’t wait till they all get there. Does that make me Like Alice?
10/9/2021 c20 traceybuie
rubs hands together in glee... :) what a great Saturday surprise...

I'm glad we are getting a glimpse at the vampire Christmas gathering in Montana. Alice is a touch too controlling. Everyone is excited for the guests, but getting annoyed with her. LOL Hopefully Bella will be able to 'block' Alice's power soon. That would drive me crazy.

Being 'forced' to go to high school for even another year seems like such a nightmare even if you weren't under vampire pheromones. But with them? ...

I can't wait to see who matches up with who...

Thanks for writing and sharing the outtake. :)
10/7/2021 c19 2kittiyloveranime
Thank you for creating a story that kept me closing back for more!
10/6/2021 c19 traceybuie
I'm sad that Edward and Bella had to go back to high school, even if they were given special accommodations for sexy time. If they were 'adults' living separate from their family, they wouldn't need special accommodations.
But I did love the principal/student Cullens scene. He was a tad ridiculous. LOL
I would have loved to read about the Christmas vampire get together and some Marcus/Heidi/Cullen interaction. Alice's matchmaking skills still have me intrigued too. Maybe she can match grumpy Alistair with someone. ;)
It's hard to say goodbye to these characters. Thanks for writing and sharing.
10/6/2021 c19 fresh-BLOOD-was-drawn-2night
Really loved this story. Can’t wait for the sequel. I honestly couldn’t tell that you didn’t speak English. It was good.
10/6/2021 c19 CoppertopJ
Okay, I will admit I liked the shampoo and ketchup pranks… it the gift wrapped car and switching the locks on the other cars…BRILLIANT! I will miss this story, but am looking forward to your next adventure. Great job, Sweetie. Loved this story.
10/6/2021 c19 victoryben66
Thank you for writing this story. I can't believe it's ended.
10/3/2021 c18 traceybuie
Edward and Bella's first Uncle Marcus therapy session went pretty well. I see both of them being a little lighter.
Marcus advising vampires, therapy style, and him being listened to by Edward and Bella would make for an interesting follow up.
I would love to see the Cullens, post Volturi life, living together, but separate. No highschool, just adult couples... Edward and Bella need to live in a secluded cabin alone somewhere, considering their sex life needs. ;)
I'd love to hear some more about Seth and his wife and family. Bella should talk to them again.
And I'll never be satisfied with Charlie's 'punishment'. Being isolated from former friends is not enough. grrr ...
I would love to read more about Alice's match making efforts too. ;)
Thanks for writing and sharing. :)
10/3/2021 c18 fresh-BLOOD-was-drawn-2night
I don’t want this story to end. Hope you do the sequel with Charlie, it feels like a lose end
10/3/2021 c18 CoppertopJ
A little, but much needed vamp psychoanalysis. Loved it. I can see Marcus setting up a practice now. So many who were under Chelsea’s thrall may need counseling. Who better than one who can see bonds, and witnessed the suffering? Dr. Marcus will see you now. He can set up his office next to Alice’s, “HEA, Inc.”. But all cuteness aside…Edward and Bella needed to air out their regrets and inner demons. Well done.
10/2/2021 c17 traceybuie
So Bella and the others convinced the new trio to use compassion on the remaining guards as their last 'human' act for the Volturi? I like it. It is definitely on brand.
Now Edward and Bella NEED to be alone and UNbothered for as long as they want. ;)
Thanks for writing and sharing. :)
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