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10/16 c1 Zerosne
Cuando actualizas bro esta muy buena tu historia
9/22 c2 Guest
Best Crossover ever!
9/14 c2 Guest
9/9 c2 Evan Vergel
Hi, the script I do not know, it does not convince me Still but if it is what you want, do it, I will not force you, you do it, you will want to do it with your story (post: this is an updated comment after seeing your notes)
9/9 c1 Evan Vergel
Hello love the first two chapters of this crossover and I love the idea of merging the worlds of the owl house and jujutsu kaisen just two things to start you should make at least a little longer chapters and I think you should change the form of the dialogue of the characters that is not horrible but I think it does not suit him well in my opinion but apart from that I liked him a lot !

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