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for You Belong to Me

7/25/2021 c1 kk80
So sweet!
7/20/2021 c1 BrittanyLS
Lovely chapter!
7/19/2021 c1 15MsHope
You already know how much I love this, and please, it was my pleasure. Besides, my "feedback" was just full of me screaming at how cute this is - and I still feel very much the same, but much more intensified because the more I read this, the more I fall in love with it (and them). I just adore how you've managed to capture and write Georg's thoughts so artfully - and how you magnify how torn he is about what he feels, about her, especially. And his relationship with the children - seriously so precious and warm. Ahh, gosh, thank you for this masterpiece! My heart is seriously so happy reading this, and I cannot wait to read what else you have in store for us :)
7/18/2021 c1 10bloomandgrow
Wow, there are so many fabulous writers posting terrific stories in the fandom at the moment. I am having trouble keeping up but I had to stop to read and review this one.

Firstly, I enjoyed listening to the sultry, smokey voice of Patsy Cline, it was the perfect setting for this wonderful one shot.

There were so many adorable moments in this. I loved Georg as uncertain as a young swain rehearsing a nonchalant speech in his head on why he was giving her gift. So cute. I also loved how the children chipped in to get Maria a sailor's valentine (they are so pretty and intricate).
Oh I do love it when Georg is having dreams (especially inappropriate ones) about his governess. His subconscious is way ahead of him.

Most of all I loved the snowglobe (I was always mesmerized by their magical worlds when I was a child). It was so perfect that he was right that she would know exactly what he meant to convey through it, and that she knew that he was the one to give it. They are so deeply attuned to each other that words aren't necessary much of the time.
Utterly delightful fic.
7/18/2021 c1 15persaphones
Wow, wow, wow. Thank you SO much for this beautifully crafted gift. I love it for so many reasons that I can't list all of them, but I will mention a few: I love Friedrich was responsible for choosing the sailor's valentine (They are beautiful too! I searched them after finishing the story and I am amazed), Georg's hesitancy in deciding whether or not he should get her the snow globe and ultimately deciding to do so, the parallel between Maria and the monastery, AND last but not least, the title of the story. I absolutely adore Patsy Cline and I am so humbled you wrote this for me. Thank you so much again! x
7/18/2021 c1 spacemooi
this is such a lovely story, it shows how a small thing can bring them just a bit closer, and i love how maria just knew that the snow globe was from the captain!
7/18/2021 c1 36augiesannie
This was just lovely - a low simmer between them, just enough to be interesting! Glad Georg gave into his instincts, and I loved his thinking about what the snow globe represented.
7/18/2021 c1 7MeltIntoSpring
Oh, this was so wonderful!

You capture every character so perfectly that I could imagine this happening. The imagery you convey is superb, the way you write Georg's inner conflict is so true to how he would be feeling. It made me laugh when he was rehearsing what he'd say to when he gave her the snow globe yet changed his mind every time.

This was so needed after.. Well just life in general really. I hope there'll be more little moments like this from you.

Take care.

7/18/2021 c1 1reisova
Beautiful please keep going. Thank you
7/18/2021 c1 Guest
Oooh that was absolutely lovely, I really enjoyed reading it !

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