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for The House of Wolves

1/23 c12 Marnold15265
Aww, Im sad it ended here. Im guessing 6 months on that you have just stopped writing. Fair enough I suppose, the story was great while it was running tho.
10/21/2021 c12 lianna-may
another great chapter, well done
9/15/2021 c12 Guest
Great stort
9/7/2021 c12 Guest
Men too chap soon pls
8/21/2021 c12 Guest
Man is the story on hiatus?
8/20/2021 c12 Guest
When’s next chapter
8/7/2021 c10 KingOfSummer 245
I get the sense that after all this fight there is going to be enough bad blood and blood feuds to start another war.
7/29/2021 c6 jaimerey7000
que pasara con los Tyrell, Margaery se deberia casar con Aegon
7/29/2021 c6 KingOfSummer 245
John from the books was pretty much a younger version of Eddard Stark they are very alike I think Jon by have a slightly worst temper than Ned's stark. However with that stated Ned did nearly kill littlefinger for taking him to a whorehouse.
7/26/2021 c3 Molag Vile
Nice chapter. On one hand, Horton isn’t being the nicest dude. On the other hand he just wants the best for his heir at the expense of Mychael. Don’t support it but can see where he’s coming from. Nice to see the character of Mychael and how he still loves his dad it seems.
7/18/2021 c1 Molag Vile
Nice prologue with the POV dying as tradition dictates. Excited to see where the story goes from here.

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