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for A Clear Bell

8/5 c6 kalapahar
The character development is interesting. Please keep on going. I think you’ll have a unique plot in time. Thanks for taking the burden of writing for us.
4/20 c6 pix25
Great chapter
4/20 c6 Ciel1786
Hopefully you will be inspired and update this story more often, it's not everyday someone makes a good Horimiya story, that's is no one-shots.
4/2 c5 ShionHale
author please continue.. its really good one
12/5/2022 c5 argosyesu
This was nice. I was looking for more Horimiya stories longer than a one-shot. Hope this continues sometime in the future.
8/5/2022 c5 ita123
this story is interesting. i want more
7/16/2022 c5 Ciel1786
You should honestly continue this story, it's good.
4/27/2022 c5 pix25
Big brain moves here, hope you update soon
1/1/2022 c5 thedasher454
This was a really good read, sucks it won’t get updated anymore tho
12/22/2021 c5 RikouChovi
waiting for the next update ( )
11/13/2021 c3 impressivetoken
Whereee areee youuuuuuu I missss thissssss Hope it updates soooonnn
10/28/2021 c5 Adripadher
Hiii! Thank you for the updates, I look forward to them. The story is going very good and I’m really enjoying it
10/19/2021 c5 impressivetoken
Yoshikawa figured it out haha but man this needs more chapter cause this is exciting asf
10/19/2021 c2 impressivetoken
Yey Kouno san is here yahoo
10/19/2021 c1 impressivetoken
I love this one especially with her having those knowledge and I hope here tooru and yoshikawa also gets together
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