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11/22/2022 c21 MsLizzie regrets
Love this story!
9/4/2022 c21 GossipingGaily
I really enjoyed reading this story. So original! Thank you!
1/17/2022 c21 15MsHope
This was such a perfect way to end this marvelous story! And it's been a full month since but I don't think I'll ever get over it and I simply /refuse/ to believe that this is over (here's to badgering you for follow-ups). You've written this entire story so beautifully and masterfully and with your stroke of genius, you created a world that so many of us enthusiastically immersed ourselves in.

And seeing that Liesl had gotten a new journal on the final chapter? Truly an end of an era.

As I always say, this chapter really did make me cry. Bucketloads.

Thank you again for bringing us on this journey with you! This makes me almost want to forgive you :)
1/17/2022 c20 MsHope
I knew it was a bad idea to review while rereading because I knew how much "I'm crying" I'll be placing in my reviews. But oh my gosh, I'm crying! This is just perfect - from Kurt's complaining to seeing their dynamics as a family. And how beautiful is that proposal? We should all know by now that Georg's plans get derailed each time when it comes to Maria. I mean that in the best possible way because /gosh/ look at how this turned out!

As I said in a previous review - I was much more invested in the story that unfolds between the two chaperones, even if I did feel a little bit of guilt because really Liesl is the star of this show. But with this chapter? I am proud to say that I regret nothing!
1/17/2022 c19 MsHope
This entire chapter was, again, so heartwarming and tender. I am SERIOUSLY full-on crying and oh gosh, how could I not be? She's all grown up now! I'm definitely proud of the person that she has become (and the person that she will be). You've written her development so beautifully and /ah/ I'm more emotional than I really should be.

And I should be the one thanking YOU. It really is an honour being able to draw her for you!
1/11/2022 c21 1Ninigi
A beautiful ending although I'm still sorry that we didn't get an epilogue, would love that! Thank you for writing, cannot wait for your other long and short stories!
1/11/2022 c18 15MsHope
This was such a heartwarming chapter, and you already know what I think of it but still, I want to reiterate how much I love this. Accepting, I think is one of the most difficult things to do, and still, acceptance of the reality of one's situation doesn't mean one is ready to forgive. You've captured that so well here - especially in Maria and in her pursuit of helping the ones around her to start on the road to forgiveness. And reading about this all makes me cry? Especially the last few sentences? Because the thought of them coming together as a family and knowing that everything will be okay because they have each other just really warms my heart and makes me really emotional. I know I say this all the time but I really do love this chapter with all of my heart.
1/11/2022 c17 MsHope
Words cannot begin to explain how much I bawled over this chapter. Okay, first of all, I'm so glad that it was Liesl who initiated the conversation - it's a mark of development to begin to own up to one's actions and I am so proud of her. The entire situation just absolutely broke my heart - not just the reality and weight of what Liesl has done or her relationship with her family, but also the uncertainty of what happens next. It was so beautifully written but I know that all this couldn't have been easy for you to write, so sending lots of warm hugs!
1/10/2022 c16 MsHope
*cracks fingers* I know it's been a while and I've already screamed all my feelings at you more times I can count (I'm still smug, and somehow not even /rightfully/ so) whilst this was ongoing (and after the final chapter) BUT I am coming back to this because I can and I want to!

Still, I find the first part so hilarious (sorry Liesl, I love you but-), I can't help but cackle. Anyways, the complexity of Liesl's situation is tackled so well here. You've written it so perfectly (that now I find myself wanting another story just to kill off Rolfe (as he deserves)...), especially the parts wherein you can still see the unconditional care of those around her despite her actions but also deeply feel the hurt and shock that they're going through. Seriously, I absolutely love this chapter :)
12/31/2021 c21 11IDontKnowYourSignal
Such a fitting finale! Although I must admit I’m sad it has come to an end. I loved the children conspiring to make Maria part of the family before it was official, and, of course, the night before the wedding. This story really has been a lesson in trust, respect and love - and what better example than Georg and Maria, who never wavered from each other despite all the challenges and dramas along the way.
Thank you so much for crafting such a wonderful story. Taking us back in time was a refreshing change, and I adored the Regency style. Witty, clever, complex and oh-so infuriating! I still can’t believe I never suspected Liesl…
12/31/2021 c20 IDontKnowYourSignal
Such a wonderful chapter, and how fitting that it finished on a giddy note with Georg’s proposal! I love that he went off-script (much to Brigitta and Liesl’s horror - that’s if they ever find out). His proposal was equal parts awkward, petulant and adorable! Just perfect!
But once again, the true genius of this chapter was the way you dealt with the consequences of Liesl’s stint as Dame H. Far from giving us a simple, convenient resolution, it made far more sense for Lona to cut off her friendship with Liesl after the terribly hurtful things Dame H had published about her. And Liesl still agonising over Lona’s silence, despite her numerous letters, proved a great life lesson.
Father and daughter making peace, with Georg finally telling Liesl he’d forgiven her, was wonderfully done. As was Liesl and Maria still trying to rebuild their relationship. Trust is such a fragile thing - broken in seconds, it can take a lifetime to repair. And when you’re the one who’s broken the trust in a relationship, you constantly question whether you’ve really been forgiven and whether trust has been restored.
I mentioned in my review to the previous chapter that I loved the depth of character you’d given Georg. But you have brought the character of Liesl to life in the most wonderful way. You’ve given her immense depth and complexity as she struggles with the transition from adolescent girl to young woman. At the beginning of your story, she was little more than a girl who dreamed of marrying a rich aristocrat as an escape from her current existence. She didn’t care who she used or who she hurt in pursuit of that dream. Now, we find her married to a man she loves, living a meagre existence in a simple cottage in the mountains, yet she’s blissfully happy. And I love that she’s grown from not wanting children in the previous chapter (as she was worried about the kind of mother she’d be), to finishing her training as a governess to nurture other families’ children. Despite making the worst kind of mistakes along the way, she’s become such a strong, resilient young woman.
12/30/2021 c19 IDontKnowYourSignal
Apologies it’s taken me so long to catch up on your final chapters - life got messy… which is probably the best time to get lost in the magical world of TSOM. So, bless you for your clever reimagining of TSOM, and for creating such a magical story!
I’m sure it would have been tempting to quickly build a bridge between Georg and Liesl with a simple conversation, with heartfelt apologies (from both) accepted by the other and an uncomplicated moving on. But instead, you have given Georg such depth and complexity. You have shown that actions are often reactions to the culmination of many smaller actions (or in some cases, inactions), and that it takes time for the wounds to heal. Isn’t it odd, that we often don’t realise it’s not just the recent, gaping wound that needs to heal, but the scars from the earlier pain. And it’s not easy, especially for Georg, to accept the part our actions have played in the poor choices and mistakes of others. Beautifully done!
And of course, Maria found a way to forgive Liesl, and realised that it was Liesl pushing her and Georg together.
I adore the barely contained passion between Georg and Maria - I can feel the electricity buzzing in the air around them (especially when they’re trying to contain themselves!).
Oh, I laughed at Georg’s mortification at wrongfully assuming he needed to discuss the finer details of wedding nights with his daughter!
And thank you for your stellar research! I just love all the little nuggets of historical gold you plant along the way.
I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but I just keep wanting to favourite your brilliant story over and over again… it’s pure TSOM bliss!
12/14/2021 c21 1reisova
Thank you
12/13/2021 c21 10bloomandgrow
Beautiful ending to a simply lovely story. This chapter was like a gorgeous celebration of life and love.

I’m finding it hard to pick which of these delightful snapshots of happiness made my heart melt the most: a besotted young couple starting out in life, then their wonder and pride in having their first child; Georg becoming a grandfather and completely smitten with his granddaughter (swoon!); the magic of Christmas (loved the idea of Max as Krampus); Maria’s heartwarming journey through the year to become a mother of seven; and then the soaring moment of joy: the wedding of Georg and Maria.

I loved how the children conspired to inaugurate their new mother early. How touching that it was prickly Louisa who started the whole thing off and ending with sweet Gretl.

I adored your metaphor for the journey of Georg and Maria to find love – each was there to catch the other when they stumbled.

Ah, the marriage ceremony. I am a big sucker for weddings. I may have shed a tear or three as they pledged their lives to each other. That passage that you wrote about Georg realizing he was exactly where he was meant to be, with all his mistakes along the way, was profoundly beautiful.

Thank you for this enchanting story, I’ve loved every moment of this. And to end it on such a gloriously happy note is just what I needed, as the second of two very challenging years draws to a close.
I can’t wait for your next story.
12/9/2021 c21 mimipoppins
Omg the ending shocked me bc I somehow thought there would be more since this is so good it could go on forever and I wouldn't mind lol nevertheless, it makes perfect sense that it ends the way it does, with the two of them getting their very deserved happy ending as well aaaah :')

I loved every bit of this story—it really was such a fun ride to keep up with each new update. I sure hope you write more stories for the grandparents bc you're very good at it, mwahh thanks for this, dear!
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