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2/22/2023 c3 Reviewer no Kage
That one off comment by Kurama got me thinking that a one shot story featuring the battle between the kitsune biju versus the ‘giant lizard’ would make for a fun read. Just sayin’ Author-San . . .

Definitely enjoying this tale you’ve crafted and looking forward to seeing more. Till then, ja ne!
- the Reviewer no Kage
2/10/2023 c7 Reedz22
You have me hooked
2/10/2023 c7 15NinjaFang1331
Awesome work
3/16/2022 c6 God of Wind 200
gotta I like your story but I really didn't like the fact that Naruto didn't correct them in stating that the Uzumaki clan had not been responsible for the nine tails summoned I would have told them that the Uzumaki clan sealed the fox up but it was the an Uchiha that summoned it
2/3/2022 c6 NinjaFang1331
Excellent update
11/24/2021 c5 KakeruPB
Hmm... interesting, very interesting. The swords was a nice spin and gives this arc something extra that isn't canon. Let's be real here we read this so many time's no matter how they spin it's the same thing. This is actually different, so thank you.

Now what are the odds of Naruto getting that sword? Cause I say it's pretty high with how this story is going so far. As for Sai... good luck Naruto your going to need it.
11/24/2021 c5 NinjaFang1331
Excellent job thank you
10/30/2021 c4 Guest
Man this story is amazing I like how you build the characters and the background for the whole thing it came around very well and I can’t wait for more chapters , thanks for the good work
10/20/2021 c4 NinjaFang1331
Excellent job thank you
10/10/2021 c4 netesy1
you need to proof read the work with a tool like grammerly and get a beta reader. there are few spelling mistakes that were a tad bit hard to swallow
10/9/2021 c4 KakeruPB
Great read and loving it so far. I'm curious though will there be romance or is this just generic? I cant tell right now, all I've seen are the team dynamics they have.
8/18/2021 c3 16Ryuzaki Uchida
Thats a pretty dope Power for shinta that aside naruto made me laugh with what he was talking with Kurama and lets not forget sasuke outburdt at the end really good chapter
8/18/2021 c3 Guest
8/4/2021 c2 Ryuzaki Uchida
Really good setting up of the wave arc seems our lovely team is good as always cant say the same for kakashi team,and oof naomi has a bit of a sadist side would be terror if she knew anko that aside i'm curious if u gonna make haku a girl or kept it a guy if its survive or die but well thats up to you good chapter.
7/22/2021 c1 Repsaj
this is a nice fanfic
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