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for Guardian Angel

8/10 c1 6Natsuki Sawada
This is such an interesting concept! And I total agree that there aren't enough Haru stories so I'm looking forward to where this goes
7/27 c1 4fictive-nyan
this is really good! I'm glad the first fic since I read the khr fandom again is this one!
7/22 c1 2Alexandria Volturi
A very interesting read! A very curious take on Haru being half deaf, makes me wonder how KHR stuff will play out. I would like to know more about Yui besides the stuff that was stated in chapter one. Best advice I can give to a fellow writer is always go into more detail with your words. Going from line to line can be kinda bland. I am no way being rude or even flaming the story, I find it an interesting premise but I would work on detail in the future. Longer paragraphs so to say!

I look forward to reading it! 3
7/22 c1 AppleFran
This is a interesting story thank you for the chapter.

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