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9/19 c3 Guest DCDGojira
To author
Too bad that you can’t use the name, Moze, for Lady Nagant anymore since she now has a canon real name that isn’t even close to what you came up with~! LMAO
9/1 c14 Glavie165
Please do more chapters
8/11 c14 KenwayS220
Yay a new chapter and it was great can’t wait fot the next one, is momo going to be in the harem? And who is in the harem?
8/9 c2 1kat1017
the Rikudo yang chakra could (or at least it should be able to) heal All Might because it is capable of re-growing body parts and organs as shown by him re-growing Kakashi's eye after Madara ripped out his Sharingan eye.
6/26 c13 dragon slayer of death 98
why the fuck did Naruto hold back so much when his students were in danger, he should have used more than just taijutsu, like rasengan or something
6/21 c14 Guest
Great chapter but it was kind of a dick move to not show naruto wiping the floor with all of his students at the end it would have been hilarious
6/14 c14 NoVaHolt
I liked this chapter! Short and sweet and also I know the super negative reviews are disheartening but try your best to ignore them. This story is really good and you can’t always satisfy everyone but looking a majority of people like the story so keep going. I can see the complaints about Naruto acting somewhat nerfed but honestly I’m fine with it. Too many stories have him one shooting people which doesn’t give great fight sequences. So honestly I’m fine with the stories direction
6/12 c12 31529
I’m not sure how Naruto could have possibly been more nerfed in the USJ fight… I really get tired of authors that can’t think up original plots and so have to neuter their characters to allow the bad guys to win.

This should have been an example of Naruto wiping the floor with the scum that is the League, instead it’s a participation fest where he allows his students (including his adopted daughter) to be injured (honestly it’s only luck and plot armor that kept the kids alive)… in the original, the fight made sense due to the pros on hand being extremely limited in capability… Naruto isn’t like that…

He could select any single technique and pretend it’s his quirk… instead he plays normal and risks the lives of all of the students… this is a hero all right!
6/8 c13 Wabbayack22
Yeah it was more than underwhelming. It was pretty much the same fight. Hardly any change at all other than a reduction of aizawa’s injuries
6/8 c13 Wabbayack22
6/8 c1 Oops idk
6/6 c14 Guest
Just kind of curious. Is it just me or it's kind of out of character for Naruto to continue holding back deapite the students being endangered?

I mean, there were a lot of things that Naruto could've done to prevent the USJ from getting to that point. I'm not saying that he simply bulldoze all of the villains, but I just cannot see Naruto allowing things to get that far, even if he has a reason as to why he is still holding back, he still allowed his students and especially Erika to get injured?

Eutherway, a nice wnsing to that arc. Left me unsatisfied as to how Naruto was handled here (could've explained or creates a more plauaible reason for his current power level). Anyway, nice job, and hope to read kore of your work!
6/5 c14 Guest
Thanks for the chapter
6/5 c7 2theshadowrave
Wait but Naruto neutralized Bakugo’s quirk the night before not Kitsune did he just oust himself technically?
6/5 c14 Jackpierce375
Really enjoying the story so far and I’m excited to see where it goes. Only critique I have is so far is that you wrote that Erica wasn’t sure what she wanted to do after she graduated and made it a point to say she didn’t apply to UA and was going to stick with the dojo, then the next chapter she was in 1A having never taken the entrance exam.
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