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9/29 c7 Nikkless
whys Erica there didint you write that She and Himiko wont go to UA
9/28 c11 Hugo0974
Nice chapter! Hope to see more soon!
9/28 c11 elrios1999
Lo dejaste en la mejor parte enseriĆ³ ya quiero leer la continuaciĆ³n kitsune vs nomas shigaraki saludos
9/28 c9 marquis.shax
I'm guessing Naruto doesn't have six paths senjutsu in this story? if he did he could probably heal All Might considering he regret an eye from nothing for Kakashi. there's no way Naruto knew enough about the eye to grow one so it had to be instinctual so I'm guessing he could heal the lungs and stomach the same way. it would still be best to pass on OFA since All Might is getting pretty old but at least he'd be able to still function to effectively train Izuku
9/27 c11 5killerssg
This is a good chapter. I'm wondering when he will start using Kurama's chakra and going KCM and such? Also who's he dating or thinking of dating?
9/27 c11 tempestguard
nice chapter
9/27 c11 4Alucard
Nice to see this updated
9/27 c11 Estex71
damn right that I liked it, keep going man, I will be waiting for the next chapter.
9/27 c11 biob1
Nice work
9/26 c11 thor94
good chapter, naruto is finally showing off.
Can't wait next chapter to see him fight nomu and tomura
9/26 c11 Hyperman15
Heck yeah new chapterrrrr!
9/26 c11 Elchabon
Some amazing chapters.
The plot looks interesting and the story excellent.
I can't wait to see how you develop the plot and the characters.
9/26 c11 WhateverPlus
I liked this chapter.
9/26 c11 TheBrokenTool
Awesome chapter and really looking forward to the next one
9/26 c11 5BattleCharger
Loce the chapter, hate the cliffhanger XD haha keep up the great work
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