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1/3 c3 Guest
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12/29/2022 c4 aaoeu
Excellent work. I think this is one of the best extant presentations of the Hachiman/Yui/Yukino relationship. I especially love Hachiman's instinctive hostility toward Yukino, Yui's inability to do anything but try to be sweeter, and how lost Yukino seems, having grown up without knowing either.

While I'd have expected more Hachiman/Yukino interactions before these three reached this point, it's certainly believable that as adults they'd already know what they're mutually trying to avoid understanding.

Looking forward to reading your true ending.
8/27/2022 c4 callingtrashout
7/26/2022 c4 JustARandomAnon
Nah, nah fam, none of this is the true route. The true route is Yukino becoming a part of Yui's harem, Hachiman just gets some in the crossfire from Yukino time to time, but Yui gets them both.
7/23/2022 c4 3Padre Damaso
ngl, im getting Catherine vibes from this recent update, it's tense. Hope u take your time writing the endings lmao
7/22/2022 c4 Random Reader Guy
Hmm, mhm, mhm. This is what it's come to be and what it has to be. I don't have much more to say until the ending(s) come.
7/19/2022 c1 Guest
Nice chapter.
7/19/2022 c4 1CMY187
“two swords, struck from the same metal, of the same ilk, but somehow lacking the slightest resemblance of each other”
This is one hundred percent a noir monologue.
“I could live in the same household as them…discover some new, disturbing, irritating, quirk of their persons every day”
In my opinion, Hachiman’s dynamic and development of his relationship with Yukino in this chapter is NOT healthy, at all. He sees her as a puzzle.
“patronising tone, like a mother speaking of their unruly daughter”
Haruno does not treat Yukino like an equal, and blames Yukino for it.
“The old tricks don’t work quite so well anymore”
Haruno is a bully, isn’t she?
“wasn’t so tired of this night”
In my opinion, Haruno is a villain in this story. She knows that Hachiman is married and has no problem with manipulating circumstances to bring him closer to Yukino, all for her own amusement.
“demanding my attention”
Haruno does not like to be ignored.
“would you kindly”
I wonder what Hachiman would think of Ayn Rand.
“something on the side”
Hachiman will absolutely hate himself if he ends up having an affair.
“that sounds fun. Remind me to try”
Somehow, I suspect that Haruno would actually turn out to be a terrible investigator. She would make highly intelligent deductions and calculations that would turn out to be wrong.
“You’ve been rude to me too”
My heart bleeds.
“I should email your editor about it”
Blackmail. Haruno is a scumbag. Hachiman will stay and allow her to torment him, or else.
“at the end of an extremely short tether”
If this had been Saki whom Haruno had threatened, a fist would already be on its way to Haruno’s face. And if it had been Iroha, she would have smiled evilly and told Haruno to go ahead with her threats.
“you could have asked right away”
Sorry, Hachiman. Haruno cannot help it. It’s just in her nature.
“It isn’t healthy to pass up fun when the opportunity presents itself”
Haruno is a sick person. She needs help.
“If people weren’t so stubborn, they would always admit when they’ve made a mistake”
I suspect that this applies to Haruno herself, and that she was thinking of her own parents when she said it.
“If she treats her sister that way”
Imagine living with someone like Haruno.
“at long last, the smile reappears”
Seriously, Haruno has no problem with contributing to the destruction of a marriage, and she would of course say that none of it is her fault.
“Because I have to be honest with myself”
You just cannot resist a puzzle, can you Hachiman? It’s in your very bones. You were born to be an investigator.
“I won’t apologise”
Hachiman is terrified. And fear often leads to anger.
“there’s always more important conversations to be had”
In some ways, Haruno is far more pitiful than Yukino. She has everything, and at the same time she has nothing.
“But she doesn’t. And I don’t understand that”
Because Yukino does not want just anybody, even a ‘nice’ person. Honestly, I don’t think Yukino should be with anyone until she has confronted and sufficiently dealt with her own problems and personal issues.
“She smiles, a little unpleasantly. Younger siblings are jealous”
Have I mentioned that Haruno needs help?
“that’s always the way”
Not a good sign when you’re making me think of Robert Baratheon, Haruno. The man is an absolutely horrible brother to both Stannis and Renly. He also isn’t much of an actual friend, no matter how much he claims to value friendship. When Eddard Stark truly needed his help and support, Robert turned his back on him.
“She’s just too jealous to see it”
…or maybe the reason she was constantly trying to emulate and to chase after you is because she wants you to be affectionate toward her for once in your goddamn life.
“wants to be anyone, anyone, other than herself”
GOF, I am downright fascinated at the idea of Yukino finding herself in circumstances where she has switched bodies with someone else. Now I’m imagining Iroha-in-Yukino’s-body having to interact with Haruno. Also, Yukino meeting Iroha’s parent(s).
“She covets the few things in life she cannot have”
I suspect that Haruno is not really talking about Yukino, but about herself.
“if younger siblings are jealous, then older siblings are proud”
I grinned and then laughed at this. When he wants to, Hachiman can hit you where it HURTS.
“ready for her tongue to loose towards me”
She loses control and lashes out at Hachiman, Hachiman wins.
“but she’s walking away”
And now she suddenly no longer wants to talk to him. Ha!
“casting crude assumptions on their life stories”
Holmes observing everyone in the restaurant in Sherlock Holmes (2009)
“Ito by Nakajima Miyuki”
Listening to it now.
“the song of a thousand other mundane couples”
Oof. Hachiman DOES have an ego, and he does have narcissistic traits. I refuse to peg him as a Good person.
“which I can’t believe I ever fooled myself into thinking could mean something”
It’s not the song. It’s Yui.
“But I still found it charming”
Hachiman is utterly cynical about love and commitment, and is also in a loving and committed marriage.
“escape your cynicism, and become enjoyable for what they are”
You are the best Oregairu fan-writer, GOF. Let no one tell you different.
“My eyes open. Back to the present”
He undoubtedly loves Yui. But love would not be enough to stop you from hurting someone. For a relationship to become and to stay successful, healthy and stable, it needs a good balance of both love and fear.
“She’s definitely been drinking”
In my opinion, if Hachiman sleeps with her, he will – no buts about it – be taking advantage of her, and they WILL both grow to hate each other afterward, if not the next day then in a year or five or ten.
However they may end up becoming lovers, starting with an affair guarantees that it will end badly.
“Why ask? It’s not like you care”
GOF, this story has made me wonder what could happen if – instead of Yukino – married-to-Yui Hachiman had met Saki instead. (looks at Iroha) Aw no.
“I’ve had three glasses”
“the more I thought about it, the more it made sense”
Oh no.
“I see”
I think she really does. She’s not stupid. Yukino knows exactly why Hachiman said what he said to her.
“maybe we need to talk about that”
Are they always going to be this awkward around each other?
“I just don’t know”
Even without a physical affair, Hachiman may wish to grow closer to her, and hates himself for that wish.
“I owe her”
You are walking a tightrope, Hachiman…
“Just enough so that”
This is making me think so much of Gregory House. When he learned that his mother had cheated on his father, House’s reaction was to say, ‘Guess she’s not so boring after all.’
“People can’t help but be superficial…That is the only thing that matters”
I have to say I agree with Yukino. Women are told that there is overwhelming evidence that this guy is a terrible person who cheats on, leeches off and abuses his girlfriends, yet they keep choosing to ignore such warnings because he is very good-looking. And the same is true for men; they ignore every single warning sign that is blaring right in their face to stay the hell away from a woman. There is a very real and frightening power in looks and appearance. It’s why I do not oppose the wish to do things like plastic surgery.
Unfortunately (or fortunately, I dunno) for me, a person can be stunningly good-looking, but if their personality is shallow and superficial, I’d have no interest in them whatsoever, platonically or romantically. An associate told me that I am probably demi-sexual. (looks at Hachiman) Huh.
A phrase I’ve used more than once is, ‘Yes, he/she seems to be very attractive, until they start talking, and you start to imagine having to constantly listen to that everyday’.
For many men I’ve met, however, that is not a problem/issue for them. If you’re ‘hot’, they don’t care if you constantly complain about everything, anything and nothing.
(looks up) Well, that was a rant. Where was I?
“If you really think being beautiful is the only reason someone could like you, or dislike you, then you’re wrong”
In Oregairu, Hachiman grows to become able to see the vulnerability, fragility and/or ugliness in four girls, and he grows to love all of them.
“start to believe there is something fundamentally wrong with them”
Actually, Yukino, the more common practice/policy is to blame everyone around you and claim that you are awesome and that it is everyone else who sucks.
“you need to be warm. You need to be approachable. You need to be endearing”
I don’t think Yukino would approve at all of the relationship between Geralt and Yennefer in the Witcher series. Those two do not bring out the best in each other.
“Some people have none of those things”
Stannis Baratheon.
“I was always on my own”
I thought of Napoleon Bonaparte.
“I could change the world before I changed myself”

‘The moment when I felt the difference…between me and other men…was a few days after the Battle of Lodi…I felt that I was worth much more…and that I was destined to save France.’
- Napoleon on St Helena, to General Bertrand.

Dammit, now I want Yukino to meet Napoleon.
“I was on my own again”
Yeah…life has not been kind to Yukino in this story. But that does not mean that she cannot find happiness without Hachiman or Yui.
“things that she doesn’t say. That she’d rather forget”
Honestly, Yukino, you should start seeing a therapist. The problem is that truly qualified and skilled ones are few and far between.
“Always concerned about what other people think”
And worst of all, Hayato is cursed with self-awareness. (looks at Iroha) I love/hate her so much. Imagine if she had actually succeeded in dating Hayato.
…dammit, now I want to read that. You know what, GOF, I’m blaming you. Yes, this is your fault. Take responsibility!
“I mistook that genuine regret, that guilt, for something else”
DAMMIT, I would have loved to have read this; perhaps a one-shot, or a short story, of never-met-Hachiman-nor-Yui Yukino in university.
Seriously, there aren’t enough Oregairu fanfics that are set in university. I feel that such a setting has so much potential.
“We…had a relationship, of sorts”
…oof. Yeah. Honestly, I think that they both should have kept it non-physical. Too much baggage on both sides to make it a healthy and stable romance. (looks at Yukino and Hachiman in this story) …and this is even worse. You are cruel, GOF, you know that?
“the first time anyone had told me that”
… (slowly turns head to look at Haruno) …yeah. I just…yeah. No words.
“Out of guilt”
Hayama Hayato is a liar. And so is Hachiman. They both lied to and hurt Yukino. They really are opposites who are simultaneously far too similar. Imagine if Hayato and Hachiman had switched bodies.
…oh God. Damn it. No, this is YOUR fault, GOF. Yours! Stop torturing me with these ideas!
“We are nearly at her apartment”
She is both drunk and very emotionally vulnerable. Walk away, Hachiman.
“But then…I met Yui”
Yukino is in pain, and sleeping with Hachiman – at least at this point – would only make it worse in the long-term. Heck, maybe also in the short term.
“our pace snail-like”
Is it wrong that this made me laugh?
“her perfect husband. Her perfect married life”
Everybody Lies.
“they weren’t wonderful”
Hachiman’s stance toward her from the start was barely short of hostile.
“I just can’t”
Hachiman can lie, but not to himself. Like Haruno says in Oregairu, he cannot ever get drunk.
“do I really owe her anything at alL”
No, you don’t. Walk the hell away before you make everything worse for everyone you care about.
“The world is never going to change. The only thing that can change is me”
Napoleon Disapproves.
“Why not?”
You know damn well why not, Yukino. Go in, close and lock the door, go to bed, sleep it off, get through the hangover in the morning. Before you make a terrible mistake that you can never, ever take back. If you sleep with him here, you will hate yourself for the rest of your life.
“they sound utterly, utterly defeated”
I hate you, GOF.
“Am I enough?”
You are drunk, Yukino. Please pass out on the floor before anything else can happen.
If you decide that you truly want to be with her, Hachiman, then walk away first. End your marriage with Yui. Then go back to Yukino. But not like this. Never, ever have an affair.

“Yes, I am indeed leaving the chapter there”
I hate you.
“a ‘Yui’ ending and a ‘Yukino’ ending”
One is a sad, bittersweet ending in my opinion. The other is the bad ending. And I LIKE Yukino.
7/19/2022 c4 Iruma kun
Instead of Hayama it could have been an oc character he is a good guy i don't think he would have gave up on her that easily and i don't think yukinoshita can open her heart to anyone that easily plus not to someone who has already lost her trust...
It could have worked with guys rejecting her for her nature or for her personality
7/19/2022 c4 GuestMcGuestface
7/19/2022 c4 TheMag1c1an
I don't even know how I want this story to end. I like Yukino more but Yui doesn't deserve that outcome. Heart breaking.

I'm kind of interested in a few paragraphs from Yui's perspective. What about Yukino made her realise she shouldn't let her meet Hikigaya. Or maybe just Yui response when asked why she hid Yukinos existence. But not interested enough to distract you from writing the ending.
7/19/2022 c4 16Perfectcell69
I understand that the university sex was needed for Yukino's self-loathing but it being Hayama doesn't make sense. Yukino and Hachiman are similar to cats as in they are cautiously paranoid. They wouldn't so freely give second chance after a betrayal. It would have been more realistic for it be an OC. Still the rest of the chapter was good.
7/18/2022 c4 5RalphZiggy
You think we're going to get frosted over Hachiman cheating; Yukino being a homewrecker and betraying her best friend? Well yeah we are, BUT it's that bit about Hayama taking Yukino's virginity and her disgust and regret and self-loathing since, that's the angry pitchfork and torch mob fodder and the smack in our face with the gauntlet, pal. Now you've done it, you really did it, you went and blew it up, god damn it all to helllllll...
7/18/2022 c4 Funkmaster1979
GOF is not playing games. Absolutely stuck to my phone. I go for 2 endings but let us know which is official.
7/18/2022 c4 Dangal
Having a yui fanfic (which is rare enough) that ends with yukino ntr would be really depressing, she deserves a win at this point
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