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for Avatar: The Last Smellbender

7/25/2021 c1 TayBone2305
Hey there!

Funny short story. The length was just fine. :D

Sokka remembering this particular fact about the Air Nomads' ceremony is astonishing even if he has bad intentions.
Classical Sokka logic: Aang having to be a smellbender because it surely isn't airbending in this context. xD

I like the little descriptions of them collecting the necessary ingredients (Kudos for coming up with these ones btw! :)). Appa pooping? LOL! xD A new hybrid animal. Yay! Sokka's socks? Gross! I would definitely pass out if I had to smell them. xD

You got to love everyone's reactions. Especially, Toph wanting to batter Aang and Sokka. Just hilarious! xD

Clean writing and nice idea! :)

Stay safe and have a nice day!
~ TayBone2305

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