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7/29 c1 skyf0x
It's an interesting line of thoughts. Though it's just retelling of the events of EoE, so there is room to make the journey into Asuka's POV during the battle more vivid, because her overjoy at this moment was almost insane and psychotic. It was definitely not the best part of the story.

I don't believe that her guide into Instrumentality would be Shinji, but considering how Asuka thinks about him in this story it fits, so I don't mind. It's actually sweet, despite of her current state and the fact he didn't come. The whole last scene is nice, but the most important and great part of it and the story overall it's the ending. It's good to see that her warm feelings about Shinji is not going to last and it kinda explains Asuka's state in the Instrumentality kitchen. I liked this last sentence, it worked.

Despite the fact that I think the story is a little basic, it has good pieces, especially at the end. Maybe you would write some more for Evangelion, so good luck!
7/25 c1 Iraki01
Sad, this is the only way I can describe it. And I like it, I think this was definitely something I hadn't seen before, a point of view from Asuka's last moments. A scene so sad that it even hurts to see it, I think you did very well describing what Asuka felt, especially because in The end Asuka waited for Shinji to come to help her until the end :c
7/25 c1 7HologramTheatre
I like how Asuka is addressing the reader because it's kind of intimate and unsettling at the same time. You really ramped it up by the end when you got into her head. Visceral stuff! Asuka and Shinji were at their best when they fought together as a team. I can see an Asuka who doesn't know what Shinji did yet and thinks he's on his way to fight softening on him a bit and remembering the better days like you have her do. It leads right into her fury with him inside Instrumentality. The part where she doesn't want Shinji to see her grievously injured body purely out of embarrassment rang particularly true to me, too.

Thank you so much for the shoutout!
7/25 c1 10deathbringer374
Mah feels...

All of them...

That was powerful. Thank you.

7/25 c1 10Romulo Nidoking BR
Very nice, thnaks for writing this.

Your take on this side-story definitely adds to the main story-line, since it's really believable by what we have seen in the movie that Asuka was expecting Shinji to shown up.

The fact that he was late (even though it's mostly Yui's blame in this case) was a major disappointment to her, even more than what he did the hospital scene, because it strengthened her belief that she can't trust in no one but herself, which contributed for some hash events in instrumentality.

And for Asuka's journey in instrumentality, Asuka in the Bardo is really the "go to" story, that also goes well with "I'm not here" by chemichalflashes.

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