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11/8/2023 c1 24Logicalillogical
This fic will become 1000x better off without the incest.
9/7/2023 c4 Stephenwolf
I love this fanfiction so far & I hope a new chapter come out soon
8/10/2023 c4 Guest
Please update this one
5/28/2023 c4 lou2003us
I really want to see what happens next. Looking forward to the next chapter. Keep up the great work.
4/10/2023 c4 MAH
When next chapter ?
3/21/2023 c4 rocksmasonfarcry
please update please
3/15/2023 c1 rocksmasonfarcry
please update this story.

and are Naruto family a like yandere or just full out yandere for him
3/4/2023 c4 Guest
Can you please update this story
10/19/2022 c4 Deathslayer1996
Please update A Fox and his Vixens and please add Retsu Unohana to Naruto's Harem.
7/20/2022 c4 Hugo0974
Hello! I confess that this is a really interesting fic! You get a comum hentai concept and transform it into deep story with a deep main character!
I just beg you to not make Haki something to much op. Keep it balance with chakra. Like, Reylegh being at the most Kage level, and Naruto in the Future being the same, maybe Hashirama level at most.
Well, I will keep following, hope you updated soon!
6/11/2022 c4 Marsuvees Black The Dark Lord
what about the six powers from One Piece is he going to learn those?
6/11/2022 c4 11jangoman1579
I'm liking the story so far, but got a few problems. The first one is Naruto in the beginning being pretty whiny about his sisters cooking and cleaning the dishes for him. I understand everything else he would protest about seeing as he is a young boy and all boys want some independence, but cleaning the dishes and cooking is something an older sibling usually takes care of naturally. So he was a bit more bratty at that part than necessary.

One thing you should fix is his age. You keep flip flopping between his age through the story. First you said he was 10, then 12, to 13, and recently with the Kushina part you stated 11 years.

Lastly, while I will still read the story with each new chapter you come out with, I was really hoping you did something different than just One Piece. One Piece is cool and all but a story like this I was hoping you would go for a more low key power for Naruto to learn from a different anime or even game. Something still cool that can rival chakra but not from another mainstream media.

Either way, this story is good so far. Like each sister (besides the younger twins) since I'm sure I know where each of them are from. Keep it up and can't wait to see where this goes. Hope the next chapter is a time skip though.
6/10/2022 c1 6Bhuvan Nagaraj.D
and yes, i agree with u kushina's scene was good as it is.
6/10/2022 c4 Bhuvan Nagaraj.D
it was worth all the wait, god damn is it good keep up the good work bro and best of luck.
6/10/2022 c4 Bhuvan Nagaraj.D
finally it's good to see u back brotherand i hope there are gonna be more updates.
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