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for The Redfish (Edmure SI)

2h c69 kukkahattutati
Giving the Iron islands to the Starks seems like a really poor idea. The north could not possibly hold them due to not having a real fleet and the locals hating them. I can see the iron islands revolting and the crown having to put them down again later.
11/27 c68 Guest
real life must come first

11/28 c7 moose3333
This was probably the worst chapter so far IMO. It was somewhat nonsensical and the political talks and argumentation were pretty terrible. It felt like some cultivation novel on Webnovel where they just spout random bullshit. Like him talking about colors was probably meant to be profound and insightful. Instead he just looked like a fking moron. The consistent lack of verbs like is/was/am or their contractions similarly makes it annoying to read. I hope we stay away from politics for the remainder of the fic, this read just like you would think from a moronic teenager trying to argue with a seasoned ruler except the characters are all dumb as dirt and think he made “good points” which just is indicative of a bad author. You’re definitely improving but keep it away from politics for a long time this was painful to read
11/28 c68 RoyalTwinFangs
Okay chapter.
11/27 c68 3Foxy-Floof
Nice. Here's hoping that they actually died and didn't pull a Euron by staying afloat and paddling to safety.

Also, I don't agree with Rob's decision to let Theon go, but I don't blame him. And as long as Theon stays in Braavos or Essos as a whole, and doesn't do something dumb like Join Up With Targaryens Again, he should be fine. Consider it like exile.
11/27 c68 1Connor moodie
I like this chapter. It was short and sweet, it didn't get bloated and bogged down with needless details. It was a glorified mopping up operation and was treated with the deserving amount of respect.

We now move onto more important things.
11/16 c67 LeoniLiponscovi2
Awesome fic!
11/13 c67 Guest
11/15 c67 javi30
Very good chapter keep writing blessings to you and your loved ones
11/14 c67 3Foxy-Floof
Nice... Edmure is a bonified badass now.

Here's hoping Jon can hold stuff together okay with out his mentor.
11/14 c67 bladelord5154
hope you end up doing the wall si it sounded interesting
11/13 c67 changeisneeded
Excellent chapter
11/13 c67 RoyalTwinFangs
Nice chapter.
11/9 c66 Guest
Well this is something.

I usually read Fanfiction for fun and avoid Self Insert fiction since it is mostly self indulgent fantasy but there we got some nice development and flashing out of Riverlands and many characters like Sam for example plus I love "Incompetent character becomes competent" stories. Keep going.
11/5 c3 1redHussar
I noticed that there are some spelling errors in the Present Continuous tense. It usually happens in dialogs.

You are missing words like 'is', 'are', etc.

So it should be:

"They are retreating"

instead of:

"They retreating"
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