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9/15 c1 2dingo-822
Nice I like where this is going and want to see more.
8/18 c1 Cesar716
Really like the story hope you continue
8/3 c1 Sherlock2001
Good Start
7/30 c1 Look2021
Good Start!
8/1 c1 mr0karam
good that kushina in the harem and i think u bring more uzumaki like karin and her mother keep her alove or another anime red hair like erza irene rias pyrrha and other red hairs
7/31 c1 15NinjaFang1331
Excellent first chapter
7/29 c1 cuckkiller123
you are the biggest cuck i have ever seen, anyways, great story. keep it up:)
7/29 c1 Guest
Nice to see Naruto not being neglected in this.
7/29 c1 amogus
sussy imposter
7/28 c1 Guest
Excellent story please continue
7/28 c1 Guest
I couldn't help but notice you placed the yin half of Kurama into Naruto instead of the yang part
7/30 c1 Dylan Morrow1
God can you not stick with one story have of you're shit isn't even done
7/29 c1 BigBoySpartan
Great start looking forward to more
7/29 c1 46Sage of the Azure Phoenix
Not bad Storm.

Should be really interesting with Yakumo's interactions with Kurenai.

Though, May I ask as to adding Fuki from the Ninja Academy to the Uzumaki clan, since she does have the trademark red hair?
7/29 c1 biginferno
very interesting but will Naruto be paired with anyone after seeing the arguing of Mikoto and Hitomi I would actually seeing him bring Tayuya home to Kushina as his girlfriend and later wife her reaction would be great plus I am sure Kushina would approve her and she's just what Naruto needs a true kunoichi who can keep him in check plus the red hair/pink hair would definitely make Kushina laugh after meeting her as well as the temperment of Tayuya you've already changed things for the better for Naruto why not change them for Tayuya as well
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