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for From Graves Somewhere

10/11/2021 c1 Locket1
glad I found this little gem.
7/31/2021 c1 6annavale23
Oh my, I love this! Ahh! Your Severus is already so good in CDT and here as a younger man - still excellent! A gripping start!
7/31/2021 c1 18BlueWater5
Nice portrayal of Snape returning as a very young professor with a shady past.
7/30/2021 c1 The Queen of All Demons
Oh wow, that poor young man. I would be TERRIFIED to become a professor and head of house at 20. I’m two years older and I would still be TERRIFIED. So much responsibility rested on his young and repentant shoulders. Sucks how much our idiot decisions made in our youth can impact the rest of our lives. Consequences can be devastating. Great one-shot!
7/29/2021 c1 Dark Angelx1992
Congratulations on posting the long awaited and asked for sequel!
As a Snape-fan, I'm delighted the first chapter started with him and the staff's reaction to the new Potions master was gold. Good thing Flitwick managed to stop himself before hexing the new addition to the staff, that would not have been a good way to start the new academic year. Severus and Minerva sure have come a long way since this meeting; Severus definitely isn't just the 'Death Eater' anymore.

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