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6/16 c26 Jenycullen
This song came on today and of course I had to re read this story for like the 5th time. I just love it so much, one of my faves.
6/7 c26 1jenejes
This story is deceptively deep. When I saw Fward in the summary, I assumed good old porn with plot. I loved it. Thank you so much for writing this! Communication is freaking hard! :)
4/12 c26 agatona
The story is well written and awesome.
Thank you.
3/22 c26 mariadisales
I will write this because I really enjoy this. thanks for sharing
2/17 c26 Wortglitzer
Really enjoyed your story! Only discovered it after it was complete but it made an immediate addition to my favorites list.
1/12 c4 MsLiss
He is trying with Bella now that he panicked after the irina bj.
But he won’t put himself out there.
I’m assuming bc of his 5 yr relationship break up
1/7 c26 jen5795
This is so good. I love how they all finally grew up and became even better people.
12/23/2022 c26 1Flora Mile
Love this story!
12/10/2022 c26 1gossip-bangkok
I love HEA and fluff. Thank you for this gem! Loved it.
11/29/2022 c26 52old4fanfic
Can’t believe I just found this story- well done!
11/6/2022 c1 misstresswillow
Thank you! I absolutely loved this story!
9/21/2022 c26 teacher1209
A wonderful ending to a great story!
9/21/2022 c25 teacher1209
A wedding and a birthday all in one weekend, how perfect!
9/21/2022 c24 teacher1209
These two are so sweet and I love Charlie!
9/20/2022 c23 teacher1209
Baby fever! Great proposal!
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