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9h c100 qmione
Hi, sorry I couldn't do a review for each chapter...I was and am going through a personal loss and grieving period... but thank you for each chapter and hoping to see you in a month time with the new series and love this story arc and everything about it.
11/13 c91 Lia
Omg this cliffhanger! I can't wait to read what comes next! I hope Tony finds whoever put the bounty and everyone's alright.
10/31 c81 qmione
poking the dragon
10/27 c78 qmione
God help Bucky
10/27 c77 qmione
What does he know that rest of them not?
10/25 c76 qmione
Does he have an idea?
10/24 c75 qmione
Then what is this really about
10/23 c74 qmione
News and action time
10/21 c73 qmione
Back to Washington
10/20 c72 qmione
Yes why
10/19 c71 qmione
10/18 c70 qmione
10/16 c69 qmione
Hope she return safe
10/15 c68 qmione
10/14 c67 qmione
Oh god
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