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9/10 c55 17lizzy74656
Every time there's a new chapter to this on-going relationship I'm smiling by the end. Lovely, because they're a very loving couple. Great.
8/6 c53 lizzy74656
Still loving this story. Tom and B'Elanna were always right for each other. Great along with their wonderful children.
11/29/2022 c39 Juddysbuddy
This is the chapter I didn't realize I wanted! It was great that Miral was able to find out about what happened on Voyager and watch Tom's bat'leth fight in the library. I'm surprised that Tom hadn't been bragging about it before, but I guess they had agreed not to bring it when she was young. Very nice!
10/15/2022 c37 Juddysbuddy
I have loved this entire series! Thank you for sharing!
5/4/2022 c26 Juddysbuddy
On wow! This really made me cry! It was so sweet and touching. I have just found this story and have enjoyed it very much. I look forward to more. Thanks for sharing!
4/11/2022 c27 lizzy74656
Sad, but good, if that makes sense. It's never easy loosing a loved one and especially ones parents; as I know having lost my mother six months ago and Dad six years before; having spent 59 years together. Thank you.
3/22/2022 c25 guest
This was a great chapter. Very enjoyable and with improved readability.
9/8/2021 c7 Capt. Kathryn
This chapter was by far my favorite; it was lovely.
9/6/2021 c7 lizzy74656
I've enjoyed reading this look at Tom and B'Elanna, and I can just picture that last scene, Lovely.

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