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8/14 c4 Guest
A question would be very insightful. Why would he use untested technology with humans on board? He has automatons, golem and robot melded into one being that are able to use the starship. Even more creating a smaller starship crewed by the said automatons to test the untested ftl tech would be more logical and sensible than using the only significant starship the mc has and risking his and his friends and girlfriends lives. Totaly idiotic thing to do.
8/13 c4 Dr1zzy
Good ch thx for The update
8/13 c4 mattcun
i cant wait to see the next chapter
8/3 c3 Guest
fucking shit
8/2 c1 Guest
ooh wow, the starship ascension mention is a blast from the past. i was bitterly disappointed when it stopped updating, but i'm happy to see it be credited as inspiration for this story. i'm looking forward to read more!

if i may add some criticism? "show, don't tell" is as useful as it is overused as feedback, but that doesn't mean people are wrong. the beginning of this chapter starts out in a dry summary, where you try to pack all kinds of harry potter au elements into as little space as possible. it works, in that it's capable of transmitting the required information, but it's neither good writing nor engaging. as a writer, the idea should be to hook potential readers in the first few sentences or paragraphs. if i hadn't been so looking forward to this story because of other factors, i may have just clicked the back button.

the objective feedback out of the way, i have a few subjective thoughts too:

you write that you disliked crossovers where magic isn't really magic, but then you go and pull the harry potter fandom in a direction it isn't meant to.

the fact that the majority of high-ranking people in harry's organization are wizards, witches and most of them his former hogwarts classmates? that's either pure nepotism, which should have resulted in the project's failure before now, or it doesn't make much sense.

witches and wizards have no (zero, nada, not a tiny iota) of non-magical education. putting them at the head of a project that doesn't rely entirely on magic and would cost a non-magical company or state tens if not hundreds of billions of dollars to get off the ground, can't rely on a few witches and wizards harry just happens to like from school.

don't get me wrong, i loved this first chapter because of what it promises to become in the future. i'm equally aware that there are some concerning things, but i can ignore those well enough to enjoy the rest.
8/3 c3 Cevandri
Keep up the story, seems very interesting
8/2 c1 1rune-fighter
I love the premis of the story. I completely agree with you on the fact it was weird that Harry did a shakedown run with just him and a AI. You need at least a pilot, navigator and several engineers for repairs and monitoring the systems. Tho him leaving teddy behind was in my opinion was not his original line of thought. I mean i thought he was just supposed to remain in system and keep in contact with earth. In regards to the ZPE and magic. For me magic is from the exotic particles from teying to create ZPE in our spacetime

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