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4h c37 12Cyan Quartz
Bet the egg is a Phone.
4h c81 5Selacha
Double Champion! Go Ash!
6h c81 15Tomorrow's Hero
Haha, what a Champion time! Loved seeing Clefairy yeet the giant Claydol, and the return of Ashbsol. Also very fond of what Ash pulled off with Suicune, that was cool.
10h c81 Guest
If Ash's Pokemon form was revealed on live TV, I wonder if he attracts the attention of some Zoroark trainer or rather, Trainer Zoroark? On that topic, what about his mom's reaction?
11h c81 1TheGreatBubbaJ
Well if his alt form wasn't on paper before it is now.
13h c81 1Naruto30
Nice chapter. Waiting for the next update.
13h c54 27barryc10
Some of these ultimate attack names remind me of Pokemon Masters, especially Thunder That Breaks The Earth. That literally sounds like the name of the Sync Move of Ash & Pikachu
13h c81 2maximusrexmundi
Huzzah for a great victory!
14h c81 5Joanne Frances Tiano Cajilig
So awesome and I can't wait to go back to kanto! ﹏
15h c81 InfinityMask
Woah the sword moonblast seems beautiful!
Finally he win championship! I wonder who among current champion is strongest?
15h c1 1Snoozing Lurker
"So, Steven... how does it feel to have your ace being beaten by someone who spends most of his time as a human, even if he was a Mega Absol during the fight?"
15h c81 2MysteryWriter175
I just realised at the end that it was spelled Ashbsol.

Wonder why I missed it...it's a fantastic name.
15h c81 74Ri2
So, does Ash need a hospital or a Pokemon Center?
15h c81 2WolkaiserDrake
now for the battle frontier, and I hope Ash gets a kangaskhan amongst all that
16h c81 Aytesarp
Well, the next is Sinnoh right? Can't wait for that.
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