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2h c156 MiciaCasia
wouldn’t it be better if the Z-Reunion wouldHappwn in Alola so that they can use Z-Moves Z-Together? XD
2/18 c163 Guest
2/18 c73 Redwood Rhiadra
Torkoal and Treecko doing the Gai and Kakashi bit made me laugh hysterically.
2/17 c17 MiciaCasia
The Clefairy being French just knocks me out each time they talk XD
2/15 c124 Guest
I’d want ash to be a professor.
2/4 c104 Guest
Ash and Brandon are like two peas in a pod, in terms of personalities. I like that.
2/4 c99 Guest
I still love the implication that Brandon has Ash’s reverse luck when it comes to encounter rates.
2/4 c92 Guest
I recognized the Korok reference
2/1 c284 5SpiritBlackPaw
Snorlax with extreme speed will never not be funny to me.
1/30 c208 SpiritBlackPaw
The most surprising thing here is Ho-oh managing to revive specifically Rotom.
1/26 c17 Guest
You're joking me?! Ash didn't even make it to the quarter finals?! That's cap!
1/18 c15 Link0007
i am Dying of laughter with the French clefaury lol
1/16 c58 Guest
Missed opportunity to wish for the comet to orbit the planet.
1/14 c39 Guest
I honestly love the fact that Ash is effectively, at this point, the first human legendary, and team rocket appropriately tries to recreate ash’s ‘Evolution Aura’ ability.
1/8 c320 1Pokefanatic95
i have 2 questions

when Blacephon has a headache and they feel like there head will explode in pain, how would you know and what would it look like?


When Xurcitree runs out of charge, does it die like a laptop until you charge it again? it IS Circuitry right?
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