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8h c292 5Joanne Frances Tiano Cajilig
The Pokemon swap assignment was awesome, now how did donphan evolve into her futuristic form? This should've only happen in the next 100 years or so...
17h c44 1BrokenLifeCycle
I think I know why your stories just work despite it's rather minimalistic narrative and heavy emphasis on dialogue.

We just absolutely love seeing side characters baffled and bemused as a surrogate proxy to our own astonishment.
11/29 c23 BrokenLifeCycle
11/29 c17 BrokenLifeCycle
It's like I'm reading a slow moving train wreck of trauma being inflicted upon other trainers.

And it was glorious.
11/29 c13 BrokenLifeCycle
I can only imagine Giovanni's reaction. He got hit with two legendaries and then some strange amalgam. When he thought it could only get worse with a fourth, a Pikachu get sent out.

I can only imagine his thoughts going somewhere along the lines of both miscalculated relief and a paranoid:

11/29 c6 BrokenLifeCycle
It was Mew all along?!

I've been tricked, backstabbed, and quite possibly... bamboozled.
11/28 c291 5Joanne Frances Tiano Cajilig
What are they playing?
11/28 c291 1Jpx0999
i wonder what will you do once you reach the moment where ash becomes the world champion\pokemon master for real...(WILL YOU CONTINUE THE FIC OR END IT THERE)
11/27 c290 5Joanne Frances Tiano Cajilig
I wouldn't be surprised if they invented a move that smells sweet but it paralyzed the opponent...
11/27 c290 19storyreader21
Why do I suddenly get the feeling that that Salandit on Ash's team is going to be the first male salndit to evolve into salazzle?
11/27 c110 SensuBeanCartel
What movelist has Starly working Aura Sphere? I mean, I know Staraptor learns Close Combat and Final Gambit, both being fighting type moves... but a legit move list for Starly learning Aura Sphere? I'd love to see that. I imagine it's like how Espeon only ever learns teleport in one of the side games. can't remember which one, but I know I saw it at one point
11/27 c105 SensuBeanCartel
So... it's literally figuratively the perfect crime because none of what Jesse, James, and Meowth is doing at Whitney's gym is s crime?
11/26 c166 justanfanboy
I love this more and more xD
11/26 c159 justanfanboy
this story is absolutely hilarious and I love it
11/26 c289 Guest
Pikachu's good at mimicing, Ashbsol has Illusion... Fun all around.
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