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5/20 c2 Isaac
My only feedback would be to insert images of the Pokemon in it somehow to bring it to life even more
5/8 c126 14Krypton Writes
...any chance of shiny zygardem
5/5 c8 nanashihaisha
After almost 3 years here I am rereading due to emotional attachment hahaha
5/3 c341 shadows1234
nice job plssss update again
4/25 c257 1Sleepysparrowhawk
4/21 c124 Pixelitus
Oh god it’s May. Darn.
4/21 c107 Pixelitus
I am extremely glad about Might Torkoal and Rock Turtwig, and I am equally as excited for Starly’s furious vengeance against Paul.
4/21 c105 Pixelitus
Oh, I can just tell that Whitney’s stick will get extremely aggravating after a while. It’s the sort of thing that’s only entertaining once in a while I believe.
4/21 c104 Pixelitus
God, Sonic Shaymin is great. Also, I kind of want to watch Ash catch Hoopa. Hoopa’s fun like that.
4/21 c95 Pixelitus
I don’t know why I dislike May so much here, but since I do, I’m sort of counting down the chapters until the next region. ‘Course, contests will still happen, and I’m pretty much going to keep skipping them, but hey. Now, I wonder what Pokemon ash will catch next?
4/21 c89 Pixelitus
Can’t wait until the next region. May is really boring me, I don’t care at all about her contests and I really am not too much of a fan of how she is in this story. Also, huh. Celebi is pretty much always going out to talk to someone other than Ash to congratulate them, huh? Kinda surprised he isn’t more involved in whatever happens so often that they need so much help, but eh.
4/20 c3 Able and Table
I don't know what a shaymin is but I heard there counterpart shamus and let me tell you... he's kick can knock you off cold.
4/20 c85 Pixelitus
Shaymintwo is kind of an edgy dick, huh? I wonder if it’s just a phase that he’ll grow out of.
4/20 c64 Pixelitus
Going to be honest? The moment I see the concert stuff start, I kind of just skip it. It ain’t all that interesting, especially since you can’t actually see it, considering how it’s written.
4/17 c23 Pixelitus
I wonder if that GS Ball Celebi thing will happen here? I looked it up, and apparently it was originally planned for a Celebi to be in there and be a plot point, but then they made Celebi the focus of a movie.
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