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6/4/2023 c34 The Grey Jedi 2020
Wacky Races: Johto!
6/3/2023 c27 The Grey Jedi 2020
Oh, Arceus help this Pokémon world if these guys BREED.
6/3/2023 c219 25Emperor Lee
"To extend- no seriously, why are you flying?" James demanded.

I think this is about when I started laughing so hard tears came out
6/3/2023 c181 Emperor Lee
I mean. Can't Reshiram also figure something out.
"As The Pokemon of Truth, I cannot Lie. And So Everything I say I can do must thus be true"
6/3/2023 c19 The Grey Jedi 2020
Wacky Races, Pokémon Edition. I dig it.
6/3/2023 c18 The Grey Jedi 2020
I’m starting to believe Mew is an agent of Chaos in this. Those Butterfree are deadly.
6/3/2023 c13 The Grey Jedi 2020
Yeah… a move “Dracozolt” DOESN’T know… considering who it is, that’s gonna be pretty hard.
5/29/2023 c16 3AlexanderTheGrey
Just imagining a Magicarp doing an Extreme Speed fish slap made my day.
5/29/2023 c15 AlexanderTheGrey
Apparently space is French. Hon Hon Hon!
5/19/2023 c206 Zekke
Lmao! I just realized that at chapter 206...The pokemon's personality were referenced to Pooh and Co. XD
5/18/2023 c33 Dr. Valentine
I like the repeat ball joke since he's technically catched her already.
5/11/2023 c105 Arturia LeFay
Whitney! you idiot!
5/11/2023 c99 Arturia LeFay
Butch is pissed no one can remember his name, except when it's another one named Butch!
5/11/2023 c88 Arturia LeFay
Misty is gonna throttle Ash to death! he said Pidgey is rare!
5/8/2023 c341 Sarcasm Sage 626
That’s a pretty cool trick that Ash taught Meltan. A form of offence, defence, AND a handy source of food to make sure they’re always well fed. The fact that they managed to give Guzma’s team such trouble is quite impressive given it’s their first time in a major battle. All the more so since they lost by ringout instead of knockout.
Having the safety net that is Pikachu also means they won’t be too pressured to win, since it’s basically a guarantee anyway. Something Guzma’s Pokémon are aware of given their reaction. Even fighting Pikachu without him using Thunderbolt is like fighting Thor without his hammer, he can’t use his specialty but he can still physically wreck you.

Seems the final match will still be Ash and Gladion, and I agree that most of the fun will be seeing the nonsense they kill our rather than the actual outcome.
Plus, the colour commentary from Incineroar continues to be comedy gold.
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