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4/22/2023 c312 Sarcasm Sage 626
Kind of impressed Ash saw through Kukui’s disguise like that. The reasoning for the whole revelation was also surprisingly well thought out to boot.

Like that we get to see him training his new team members like this as well, including teaching the car how to fly, because of course.
Side note, weird that I just realised that Shaymintwo’s use of Flame Charge mimics Shadows Air Shoes.
4/22/2023 c255 800ninjas
Probably a bit late, but... Wasn't the Team Plasma rulebook a plot point? "Rule 14: Don't show this book to N" or some such?
4/21/2023 c311 Sarcasm Sage 626
Welp, that confirms it. Lusamine is a Thunderbirds fan. Also love the idea of a language that’s half sound half posing.
4/20/2023 c308 Sarcasm Sage 626
I smell a Thunderbirds reference coming on.
4/20/2023 c307 Sarcasm Sage 626
Of course a Cosmog that spent a decent amount of time on the presence of Ash would be able to evolve into both possible forms. Don’t know what else I was expecting.
4/20/2023 c306 Sarcasm Sage 626
As tragic as Lusamine getting kidnapped is, kind of funny that the Pokémon just pops in, goes “yoink”, and leaves.
4/19/2023 c247 4OminousAnonymousAnomaly
I know this is definitely later than when this came out, but I definitely vote Bunarena.
4/19/2023 c303 Sarcasm Sage 626
Aww, he adopted the baby legendary. And is already teaching he/she/ so much. Weird that I can see this Ash being really good with kids.
4/18/2023 c302 Sarcasm Sage 626
This was a nice reunion with Ash’s old travelling companions, and liked how he made sure to call out lessons even as he was battling. Guy makes for a surprisingly good teacher all things considered.
4/17/2023 c301 Sarcasm Sage 626
Kind of interesting seeing Ash’s Pokémon doing a variation of the Team Rocket motto… weird that we haven’t seen them in a while.

The Trial was a sufficient amount of nonsense give Hawlucha and one of Ash’s illusion Pokemon’s involvement.
4/17/2023 c300 Sarcasm Sage 626
This is honestly a lesson Ash could teach a whole course about. How to make every Pokémon fly.
Also wholesome that he’s coming up with so many ways to deal with Lycanrocs anger issues. Good for them.

The Omake was rather amusing as well. Arceus has an easier time than xeir counterpart it seems.
4/17/2023 c19 Arturia LeFay
did Mew just teach Psyduck Dynamax Cannon?!
4/16/2023 c134 3Mcvluffcins
I swear, Zorua is the most time paradoxe confused Pokémon in this story so far, I can’t find out where he comes from
4/16/2023 c149 Arturia LeFay
this is why Giovanni travels the world using a map and a dart when sightings of Ash are reported near his vicinity it gets him right out of his hair
4/16/2023 c246 Arturia LeFay
does Steel Beam drop Steel Beams ?
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