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4/9/2023 c287 Sarcasm Sage 626
And so it begins. Ash making the Alolan Pokémon he meets utterly broken. Always rather interesting to watch.
4/8/2023 c59 3Mcvluffcins
The light ball didn’t even fuck around, he just found out!
4/8/2023 c285 Sarcasm Sage 626
And we have the return of that Dastardly Darkrai and his assistant Victini. Gotta wonder how it is they managed to show up for almost every race.
4/8/2023 c282 Sarcasm Sage 626
Lind of surprised Ash can give such a thorough lesson on the physics and practical applications of gravity alteration.

Also enjoyed how tactfully he handled the Litten incident.
4/7/2023 c281 Sarcasm Sage 626
They caught Palkia while fishing. Of course they caught Palkia while fishing.

And nice to see what Serena is up to.
4/7/2023 c280 Sarcasm Sage 626
This was a rather valuable lesson for the students. Already liking the interactions between Ash and them.

And that entire joke with Team Rocket believing Mimikyu to be Pikachu in disguise was rather inspired. Probably doesn’t help it’s case that the nonsense they’re spouting makes perfect sense based on their prior experience.
4/7/2023 c279 Sarcasm Sage 626
You know you’re a great teacher when you can make the WEATHER sound so interesting. Kukui seems to be dealing with this remarkably well.
4/6/2023 c278 Sarcasm Sage 626
Oooooh, this is gonna be good.
4/6/2023 c277 Sarcasm Sage 626
Shame we have to say goodbye to Kalos and the companions made along the way. Hope they all do well for themselves. At least Alain found something fun to keep himself occupied with by taking on the Elite 4 challenge. That’s gotta be a nice consolation prize for not getting to finish his battle with Ash.

The wedding was rather sweet, and nice to see Misty and Brick return for it. Not to mention Hoopa giving them an early start on their honeymoon. Good Hoopa.

The setup for the Alola arc is nice, with a comedic twist from Ash being a TA ready to (unwittingly) upend most of what the schools is going to teach in terms of practicals.
4/6/2023 c275 Sarcasm Sage 626
Always hilarious to see Ash utterly derail a villains speech with basic logic. Made all the better by him having a Zygarde completely unknown to Lysander this whole time.

At least he and Alain got to enjoy a fun battle first.
4/5/2023 c274 Sarcasm Sage 626
Ash and Tierno’s match being decided by a dance battle is weirdly fitting. Not to mention hilarious.
Enjoyed the entire conversation between Shazam Hawlucha and Mega Absol, especially with Ash’s detailed list of the pros and cons of the mega evolutions thrown in.

And of course, Frosslass abusing the hell out of her ability to swap around ice and fire moves. Takes a special degree of talent to set FIRE on fire.
4/5/2023 c9 Mcvluffcins
Lol u switched out radius for dratini
4/2/2023 c271 Sarcasm Sage 626
Huh. I think this might be the first time in a while (that I can recall at least) that Ash actually lost some Pokémon in a gym battle.
3/30/2023 c341 KakeruPB
Those hopes! lol
3/30/2023 c341 3Nightshadegirl
sounds like alola is coming to a close soon. you going to do the journeys season(galar)?
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