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3/15 c208 Guest
I fucking love the fire-breathing butterfree plot-point.
3/15 c206 Guest
It took me until mudbray being pessimistic about the onion trick to realize you were referencing Winnie the fucking Poo.
I’d recognize eeyore’s doom-and-gloom attitude anywhere.
3/11 c1 thanhmacu
Please update this series again, I'm looking forward to it
3/8 c190 Guest
What do you think would happen if Nickit stole a type from the type chart? Would that type cease to exist since the type is no longer there? Would Nickit be wielding ’?’ Type? These are the questions I think about.
3/8 c6 Guest
I knew that Butterfree was really Mew!
3/7 c6 M1stymix
I fcking knew it was Mew all along the unknown pokedex was the biggest clue along wiht evolving and using so much moves
2/28 c341 Guest
...huh, i honestly couldve sworn this was fully complete. ah well, the virtue of patience is valuable indeed
2/22 c156 MiciaCasia
wouldn’t it be better if the Z-Reunion wouldHappwn in Alola so that they can use Z-Moves Z-Together? XD
2/18 c163 Guest
2/18 c73 Redwood Rhiadra
Torkoal and Treecko doing the Gai and Kakashi bit made me laugh hysterically.
2/17 c17 MiciaCasia
The Clefairy being French just knocks me out each time they talk XD
2/15 c124 Guest
I’d want ash to be a professor.
2/4 c104 Guest
Ash and Brandon are like two peas in a pod, in terms of personalities. I like that.
2/4 c99 Guest
I still love the implication that Brandon has Ash’s reverse luck when it comes to encounter rates.
2/4 c92 Guest
I recognized the Korok reference
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