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2/1 c284 5SpiritBlackPaw
Snorlax with extreme speed will never not be funny to me.
1/30 c208 SpiritBlackPaw
The most surprising thing here is Ho-oh managing to revive specifically Rotom.
1/26 c17 Guest
You're joking me?! Ash didn't even make it to the quarter finals?! That's cap!
1/18 c15 Link0007
i am Dying of laughter with the French clefaury lol
1/16 c58 Guest
Missed opportunity to wish for the comet to orbit the planet.
1/14 c39 Guest
I honestly love the fact that Ash is effectively, at this point, the first human legendary, and team rocket appropriately tries to recreate ash’s ‘Evolution Aura’ ability.
1/8 c320 1Pokefanatic95
i have 2 questions

when Blacephon has a headache and they feel like there head will explode in pain, how would you know and what would it look like?


When Xurcitree runs out of charge, does it die like a laptop until you charge it again? it IS Circuitry right?
12/28/2023 c117 Arturia LeFay
I really like the MLP reference.
12/23/2023 c214 14Krypton Writes
Why does Ash does not have a shiny zygarde. It would be better with a shiny zygarde
12/21/2023 c27 2V01dSw0rd
Givwn how water is Di-magnetic, i suspect that Mew actually ended up teaching Goldeen Magnet Rise…
12/14/2023 c341 30kazikamikaze24
One binge later and I'm roaring to go for more!
12/5/2023 c17 Guest
I refuse to believe ash got taken down by Ritchie in the quarterfinals. Rigged I say, that fight was rigged! Especially since sky uppercut did nothing.
11/29/2023 c240 1Pokefanatic95
Someone should "Foil the Double frubble toil and trouble using oil and then set it to broil"
11/28/2023 c341 Ajnin500
This is honestly my favourite fanfic I’ve ever read thank you for making this
11/21/2023 c341 1kitsuneswiftpaw
I have binged this story yet again… and I shall do my best to patiently await more. Your fics are amazing!
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