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9/24/2023 c124 solitare
I guess Pikachu is either the Let's Go Pikachu partner or Gigantamax Pikachu. Neither of those can evolve.
9/24/2023 c106 solitare
I suppose Aipom's Technician ability makes them an actual technician.
9/16/2023 c341 Guest
Came over from Ashes of the Past, stayed for the wonderful story! Ashes has been one of my comfort fics for around 3 years, but now I have a new one to add to the list when I’m feeling like a long read! I love the chaos that your Ash is in this story. The fact that he still hasn’t seen a ratatta in the wild is killing me lol I also love the pacing of your league battles, it really helps to capture the flow and chaos that they can be.

Don’t worry about anyone trying to get you to update faster. You give us the wonderful words whenever they are ready, and we will be happy any time that is! We can always re-read after all ;) I really appreciate you for giving us this wonderful story for free. Anyways, off to read the rest of your Pokémon stories! Ciao for now! -MeisaCrystal
9/6/2023 c4 1Redery
Pkmn don't do lghdtv junk
9/2/2023 c12 2ChainSwUniCrn
I noticed quite a few updates to this story so this is my second time reading it through and my Lord! I forgot how hilarious you make this story, 10/10
8/25/2023 c15 adam110902
why is the clefairy French?
8/22/2023 c266 animalloverh11
I feel like at this point Ash isn’t the MC I just don’t know who is. Maybe Pokémon in general?
8/11/2023 c10 Guest
"There's a lot of nonsense going on between these two gyms."
That is four words too long to be a perfect summary of this entire fanfic. I love it!
7/29/2023 c1 christianvirtudazo07
Damn 314 chapters and still kicking!
7/28/2023 c73 narutoDkurosaki
OMG torkoal as gai and treecko as Kakashi is funny
7/27/2023 c29 Arturia LeFay
bonus for staying close to the source of nonsense meowwth!
7/27/2023 c13 Arturia LeFay
Giovanni: oh no he's real!
gets me every time!
7/27/2023 c1 Arturia LeFay
rereading this story from the start again made me realise the flying types discussions in the Unova arc about Ash's regional bird.
7/24/2023 c341 Guest
I love your work on the story. I’m reading the ash one currently and I’m loving the work. Keep up the great storytelling and I hope to see your female Ashorne in the future and why doesn’t anyone do anything with the whole semi disabled like wheelchair all need extra support to help with body parts. Be nice to see that you know it’s a story I like don’t call me week paralyse from the team rocket shenanigans I think you should take give it a read keep up the great work. Hope you’re doing well. Thanks for an amazing story. .
7/21/2023 c276 2KvAT
Team Flare destruction speedrun any%
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