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7/21/2023 c275 2KvAT
Lysander is a Spartan general, of course
7/20/2023 c228 KvAT
But is a tonne of petals heavier than a tonne of steel?
7/19/2023 c242 14Krypton Writes
I do want to know...what is the language clafairy and speaking and just..why?
7/17/2023 c341 6hikolb6
I hope this is updated soon i like this story.
7/16/2023 c123 14Krypton Writes something else, pretty sure she is gonna pick up a new hobby: How to escape from Ash's weird pokemon if you encounter them.
7/12/2023 c278 7Acacia Vix
how old is Ash at this point?
7/12/2023 c261 Acacia Vix
love the trans Eevee, might be my favorite part of this whole story, and that's saying a lot given how much I love this story and all of its parts
7/12/2023 c244 Acacia Vix
the joke "and they visibly decided togets made so often, and it's so funny every time XD
7/11/2023 c12 Earthplayer Powerstar
In fairness, I Choose You is part of an entirely separate continuity from the mainline anime, so it doesn't need to happen.
7/10/2023 c199 Acacia Vix
I'm legit cackling right now, God I love Pikachu
7/10/2023 c153 Acacia Vix
I said the sentence out loud and I got the joke XD
7/8/2023 c341 Guest
Love this fanfic. It’s so amazing in pretty much every way! Just a quick question though, when is the next part coming? Not to be rude or anything and I know that you do lots of other projects, I was just wondering.
7/5/2023 c341 14Krypton Writes
Wow, all this considered, this was pretty amazing. Gonna recommend it to all my friends.
7/4/2023 c301 Krypton Writes dastardly Darkrai was caught by Tobias?
7/4/2023 c296 Krypton Writes
Paul really knows who is travelled with ash
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