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7/3/2023 c277 14Krypton Writes
Wow, so ash literally forgot about kalos...Well I guess Daintha wont have to worry about being defeated badly anymore. NGL, I was looking forward for the Kalos E4 battle.
7/3/2023 c276 Krypton Writes
Honestly, I didn't think it would top team galactic arc where they literally just gave up...but I think this was a tie position for the most halarious
7/3/2023 c269 Krypton Writes
...The whole thing for me was boring cause serena did not win, except the last part XD
7/3/2023 c254 Krypton Writes
Dude, please upload quick
7/2/2023 c189 Krypton Writes
Sandile is like, why am I the pokemon with the ability to break fourth wall?
7/2/2023 c182 Krypton Writes
Ash: Let's Create God!
Arcues: Kills Crogunk A mere being created by a thought of his own consciousness that doesn't match even 0.1% of his powers
*Fails so bad, that he sets up a bar and drowns himself in it.
7/2/2023 c159 Krypton Writes
7/2/2023 c151 Krypton Writes
Wow, still in sinnoh and unnova team is planning their get away
7/1/2023 c58 Krypton Writes
I like Giovanni literally gives up and takes a drink
7/1/2023 c41 Krypton Writes
...Dude, I might due to laughter.
7/1/2023 c34 Krypton Writes
Hoopa Rules!
7/1/2023 c25 Krypton Writes
7/1/2023 c23 Krypton Writes
...and, that just happened.
7/1/2023 c20 Krypton Writes ya
7/1/2023 c19 Krypton Writes
Danny, we all have no idea what just happened
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