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9/28 c1 Tako08
U should focus on finishing eat your heart out Robin Hood and eclipse more not trying to throw shade but those really need updating
9/14 c5 Pruitfizza
As always, your writing continues to be incredible! Can't wait to see where this goes next.
9/14 c5 Pale Lady
I've been truly loving the story so far and also completely agree with Harry ravens are assholes
9/12 c5 4MrKlortho
This story remains incredible and riveting. If I have one critique (and not so much a critique as personal preference, so take it with a grain of salt), it’s that everyone DOES take the piss out of Harry a lot. I love that you don’t have him taking guff from people, but I would like to see someone else on their back foot for once. In fact, Hurritt (sp?) almost seems omniscient at this point.
9/11 c5 cameron1812
I am hard at work coming up with more accolades for this stunning work. Seriously, take another bow or three. When you wrote about Luna out in the hallway laughing at their banter, and described what the three were doing in the morgue, I could see it clear as day. Showing Harry as the expert on dark creatures and dark magic that he is... just awesome. Harry's jealousy is just such a fun read. Ahhhhh! I just can't get enough! Thank you. And the cliffy! Ahhhhh!
9/9 c4 Smoking Man
Woah! Woah, woah, woah, woah. Damn this writing is so good!
9/9 c5 1rmac52
This is great so far. I only wish I had found the story later. I tend to read in large bursts, so even this long chapter left me wanting more.
9/9 c5 FireMedicSAR
This story is getting better and better. The end of this was spooky! We should have known given your liking of horror films. Bravo! We look forward to more of this goody creepy filled story.
9/9 c4 FireMedicSAR
That's it fawn, no more coffee for you at the station. You can do dangerous things with it, considering what you did with this chapter.

We hope you know we are still in shock that you are such a good writer. We aren't saying we didn't think you could write well, we just thought you were a typical reg jock hose jockey like the rest of us cavemen. We had no idea you were a closet talent hiding online with this stuff! BRAVO we say. BRAVO!
9/9 c5 3Ironhidensh
“Have you told him yet?” Luna and Harry have a kid, don’t they?
9/8 c5 1DeadFish37
Another good chapter. Though this Harry is regressing into ECOTS Harry. Good to see him making progress, albeit slowly.
9/7 c4 Pruitfizza
HOT DAMN! You're just so good. This is some incredibly good stuff you're writing here. I love it. Every chapter of this story has been absurdly excellent. I can't wait for more.
9/7 c4 cameron1812
The romance amidst the mystery, the insanely awesome fight, complete with quips, Harry being stupidly, insanely "Harry", Luna being the badass Luna we all know she is, and the final scene on the morgue... Whooooooo. Art at its highest form. You paint a mean painting. Thank you. What a way to start my work day
9/6 c4 Zepyhr-of-Shadows
Kinda had a feeling Hunter was hiding... something... but a quasi-maybe-obscurus?! Fuck indeed Harry. Fuck. In. Deed.

Also, honestly a little surprised at how bad ass Harry has become. I know there were hints of it and talk of his long time as an Auror/Freelance Dark Magic killer. But an unprepared fight against a full on Demon, withnhim injured as he was, and he didn't just flat out DIE?!

I *NEED* more! Fantastic chapter, and a highly addicting story so far.
9/5 c4 sunsethill
More mysteries. Nice job with the new cliff hanger at the end-a different type of cliffie than the last chapter but a cliff hanger no less. The connection that Harry feels to Luna's magic explains a lot. Seeing a bit of the new magic that Harry has learned in his travels was also interesting.
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