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for The Death and the Strawberry: ReVise

12/27/2021 c1 2Godrukia
thank you for this. this was so well written and SO satisfying! favoriting this story so I can come back and read over and over
11/2/2021 c1 Guest
This was so good! Would really love a follow up one shot but that's just because you're so brilliant at writing, well done.
8/21/2021 c1 1rosaliehyuuga
loved it!
8/9/2021 c1 diah77
I loved it so much au-chan, there is a bit ooc of Ichigo and Rukia, but then, they are back to the original themself, and the changing is so smooth.. Thank you for such a great storyline, and the wedding, God, that is so hillarious, looks like only Rukia can make such a beautiful romantic moment into a chaotic hillarious one, LOL... nevertheless it is worth with..

And moooore IchiRuki please... (and please not an angsty, i had have enough, lol)
8/3/2021 c1 jobananasan
This was SO GOOD! Oh my GOD it was so GOOD! It makes a lot more sense than that bullshit ending Kubo gave us. The fight scene had me anxious. I wasn't sure what was gonna happen and then BAM! You gave us not only IchiRuki tag team but Uryuu playing a very big part in taking down Ywach. That's the way it should've been in the manga since it was suppose to be his arc. Thank you for doing him justice. Kubo could never! I'm so happy Kyoraku cut him some slack. I always felt Yamamoto dying and Kyoraku taking over was meant to signify the old generation making way for the younger. That Kyoraku was gonna be a more fair and just captain, less strict and stringent than Yamamoto. I also like that the captains acknowledged what Uryuu, Ichigo, and Rukia did gave them the respect they deserved.

The Aizen part, holy shit! O_O O_O O_O Just the imagery of him getting impaled then getting captured in the crystal mid scream...That was excellent. But not gonna lie I felt kinda sorry for him. He wanted to bring down a corrupt organization but went about things the wrong way. *shrug* Ah well...

The IchiRuki wedding gave me so much feels. Especially when Ichigo was putting on the hakama with the Shiba crest and its connection to Kaien. Made me tear up. KaiRuki has a special place in my heart. And I absolutely loved that they started arguing in the middle of the ceremony! LOL! That's so in character. *chuckles*

Amazing fic! Love love love it!
8/3/2021 c1 MojoBlack
Ya know this was indeed enjoyable. Orihime being with Ichigo over Rukia just never fit, not when Uryuu was head over heels for her instead

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