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for Camp Camp Demigods

9/4 c19 watermole06
Is it meant to be readable or has something gone wrong?
5/8 c1 Guest
Why do I feel like David’s a monster of some kind? Or it’s like when that Greek god created humanity using clay (why was he strapped up again?).
3/18 c17 Waka-Chaka
Please write more! This is so good!
3/18 c7 Guest
This is so good!
12/10/2022 c16 empourer
you really should make a chapter where everyone sits down and talks about the godling buissness
2/17/2022 c10 ajolnac.5
Now I know you said keep the parent within the greek mythos. But for Jermy I belove the best parent or ancestor would be the Egyptian God Bes. Now why did I choose this one,because I remembered him from something I read and from what I learned Bes is the Egyptian God of Dwarves,as well as being one of the most ugliest Egyptian gods,who appeared as a hairy little man with a lion like mane and pug nose,with the power to ward of evil spirits. Now I think this works because I think it would fit with Jermy appearance and plus with his looks he could have scared off any would be attackers just by looking at them,so I am sure he could have lived long enought to make it to camp camp. Also side not I really wished you used children who are related to other gods from other mythology,you know give it some variety,that's just how I feel but I hope my suggestion helped,I hope you have a good day or night wherever you are.
2/10/2022 c3 saudade-love
I thought this was really good! …until you spelled Tabii with one I :(
12/8/2021 c7 Joghis
So the plot is going to be like the original books? someone is gonna try to eat campers or going to bring Kronos back? are they going on a killer quest ?
11/20/2021 c6 Joghis
Mate I love this! When are You going to post the next part?
10/22/2021 c5 JoghisYAS
10/21/2021 c1 Joghis
Ohh ,i need this to continue 3
10/13/2021 c5 11toby
This is a really good read, glad to see the up date
10/6/2021 c4 Koriah
Its David, isn't it? Or the platypus. Both make sense. Sort-of.
Nice story though! Can't wait to see where it goes!
9/14/2021 c4 Chai Chandler
Yay! you updated :D
Even if it feels slightly confusing,it’s still worth reading. :>
8/23/2021 c3 Chai Chandler
I find this story already interesting,i always love Au’s like theses.I really hope to see next chapter! <3
I would love to read Max POV still to all of this for his reactionThe story is pretty good written actually,i’m quite surprised and i really enjoyed reading this already.

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