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2/27 c26 ddbadger
Absolutely jaw dropping chapter, yes we knew what was happening but your writing brought out those emotions. I love the Ellie element in your story, such a strength in the character that was never utilized in the show. They talked about her strength but never used. Well done so excited for next few chapters.
2/26 c26 74nevr
Finally got to read this chapter. A great reworking of the events in the show with Orion being captured. Having Ellie there made it more personal, somehow. Looking forward to how this continues in the next chapter.
2/25 c26 Frank Suppa
Great chapter I love it different from the original show I always knew Sarah was more than just Chuck handler here but the way Chuck found out he was Orion was interesting I thought Chuck would get the intersect out of his head before Roak showed up wonder what Beckham and Casey will say
2/24 c26 Guest
I love this you will be able to update your story soon.
2/24 c26 13AF13
So glad to see an update to this story! Truly a great read. I can’t wait for the next chapter. Thank you for writting!
2/22 c26 GWALKER12
This is such a well written and compelling twist on canon driven by a single change and some time shifting. The plot and characters are expertly crafted with clarity and insight into their thoughts and emotions as well as their hangups. The whole fiction to date is incredibly well connected together in style and writing consistency. I’m hooked and hoping the next chapter comes quickly, although a complete retead would not be a chore. Thanks for coming back to this.
2/22 c26 12jwatkins
Such a wonderful treat to get notifications for your work. This chapter definitely did not disappoint. A slight spin on cannon, but given the detours this story has taken from cannon, it makes perfect sense. We still find ourselves in the same spot, almost like convergent evolution. Chuck wants the Intersect out of his head so he can start a real relationship with Sarah and Orion/Stephen is working to make that happen, while being Roark's captive. Most important are the distinct improvements over cannon though. Sarah knows/acknowledges/accepts her feelings for Chuck and is putting him first over her orders. As a demonstration of that, Chuck's family is in the know about their situation so he has a much larger support structure to help him get through this (to help all of them get through this).
Coming clean to Beckman won't be pleasant, and I'm sure that Casey won't be all that pleased about these recent turn of events either. So looking forward to your next installment. Thanks for sharing your talents with us.
2/21 c26 AwesomeCasey
An amazing rendition of the Orion/Roark episodes from canon. I am enjoying this Sarah who is much more open with her feelings with Chuck. And having Ellie and now Devon on board creates such a different dynamic for the story. Sarah clearly has both feet in, and it is wonderful to see her so openly supportive for Chuck and Ellie. It is great to see an update for this story. Personally I agree that I prefer the amount of detail being presented versus a more expedient and redacted version of the story. Looking forward to the next update!
2/21 c21 GWALKER12
Second review of the day at chapter 21. The writing in this is so powerful. The way canon scenes and events are recast and reimagined is just completely compelling. I can see the market scene because we saw it in the show but then we get the Jill debacle, and that is so neatly revised due the the retimed Fulcrum intersect. Its just so right. Chuck is so clearly becoming stronger and clearer on his purpose and Sarah is so determined now to embrace what she can’t deny. We’re not there yet on them but written as you have make make them so much stronger. My only concern is there are only a few chapters to go until I am caught up. Thanks for all your hard work, this is so good.
2/21 c10 GWALKER12
I’m at chapter 10 and wow. I’d forgotten how good this is. Great plot, canon elements driven intelligently, clear descriptions of the emotions from both POVs. Taking both POVs like this is incredibly compelling. Ellie engaged (always a favourite of mine in FF). Even BFL is behaving, and Sarah is clear on who he really is, even if she is still holding back from Chuck. The writing is so good. Thanks. Onwards.
2/21 c26 Mpeter
Excellent chapter. Well worth the wait. Chuck, Sarah, and Ellie finally getting the truth about Stephen is Orion. Note the war begins. Big turn of events with Stephen now trusting Sarah. I'm curious to how Beckman takes the news. Thank you.
2/20 c26 tiggerhk
Definitely worth the wait. Emotional and dramatic. Looking forward to finding out the outcome of Orion vs Roarke.
2/20 c26 Chuck up North
I lose track of stories, even well written epics like yours, and need to go back and reread to get the flow going again. I've loved this story from day 1, and I'm so happy to see you publishing again. Thank you!
2/20 c26 SarahWBfan
Wow! That was a lot. Excellent writing. Im looking forward to the next chapter
2/20 c26 Creekfell
It's back! I've missed this. I'm digging this reimagining of the Orion arc. Especially that this time, instead of Chuck alone with Orion/Stephen, it's also the two people in his life he loves. Sarah and Ellie. Awesome is also read in and that's... Well, Awesome! A bit bittersweet that while Sarah wants so badly to stay, she knows she can't as she has to prepare for a war on two fronts. Roark and Fulcrum on one. Beckman, Casey, the CIA and NSA on the other, even if indirectly. I'm so glad this is back. Thanks for writing HC!
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