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11h c1 tnet
1/27 c1 Anmaon
I would love to read more of this story!
11/26/2023 c1 MedeaRossini
Hermoso, me encantaría que escribieras más sobre esta historia es maravillosa.
10/5/2023 c1 mangosmimi
Please continue! I love this,...
2/15/2022 c1 6psychoanalyst
you TRULY made me love the song even more. written beautifully. so amazing.
12/13/2021 c1 thewomaninn12B
That was great! Your name vibes.
8/18/2021 c1 arya022
I wish you would write more.
8/13/2021 c1 mangosmum
OK... I'm intrigued. looking forward to the next chapters!
8/11/2021 c1 Colleen S
8/11/2021 c1 liysyl
Cute I wish you would continue it. Thanks for sharing your story.
8/10/2021 c1 ThinkAboutItBabe
Goosebumps. Lovely, and thank you for sharing.
8/10/2021 c1 Virginie
Please another chapter...just one..
8/10/2021 c1 Virginie
Very interesting and touching. I enjoyed. Thousand thanks for sharing. Be safe.
8/10/2021 c1 JL
That’s so good I had to read it twice.
8/10/2021 c1 Linwe
Short, but very cute. I'd love to see a little sequel-type, or maybe just what William's POV of this scene might be like.

Thank you for sharing.
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