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for The Focus of a Healer

6/10 c25 cameron1812
Honestly this is fantastic , happy to have stumbled across this!
5/28 c25 Panthertwat
Nice writing style. Good flow. Better than anything I could cobble together. Actually really like the story, and that's why I've made the effort to give some advice below.
You do need story board a bit better. You have left lots of things undone, or forgotten to use stuff you included preciously.
Off the top of my head, 1) Cedric repays HP with password to prefect bath, which HP NEEDED to hear the egg, but HP already had access to the Room of Requirements. 2) You wrote that Longbottom would join them for training and get Lavendar to notice him, but got forgotten. 3) HP planned to confront Hagrid about his screwt classess... forgotten 4) HP was going to confront Snape, or work through Tea sessions with Mcgonnagle... forgotten 5) Luna kinda got forgotten unless she was needed. 6) Dumbles spell book only used for one spell... Using it, medical knowledge and HPs better intelligence should have lead to more interesting solutions to events.
5/20 c7 wilyoldjane
I very much like how you handled Ron's reaction to Harry's name coming out of the goblet here.
5/17 c25 Blaze1992
Looks like the toad is going to find out the worst enemy to have is a healer.
5/13 c17 Galligar
Green eyes behind his glasses? i thought that he no longer needed his glasses... typo maybe?
5/12 c25 moodyboy66
Excellent chapter
5/8 c25 BMS
Good one
5/7 c25 amortentiate
First of all, wonderful update. Harry and gang should make Umbridge's time in Hogwarts so miserable that she'll never even dare think of that school again.

Please update your stories to AO3. FF is being a problem. I'm not getting any updates.

5/7 c25 4D.Mentor
Another great chapter, thank you for writing.
5/6 c25 yoto
bon chapitre
5/7 c25 fraewyn
Love it!
5/6 c25 E.Elliot
I love it! thanks for the amazing chapter!
5/5 c25 3ObsessedWithHPFanFic
Good to read about the trio returning to Hogwarts. Thanks for sharing!
5/5 c25 5plums
Can't say I'm not dissapointed to still see Umbridge as part of the story after everything that happened up to this point. would've thought enough had changed and he had enough influence in general to make sure this didn't happen. Hope she only lasts a chapter or two before you move the plot on to something new.
5/5 c25 Cateagle
Okay, this is going to get very complicated for this year. I do hope Umbridge requires medical services and Harry gest to provide them, as politely and officiously as possible but with no hastiness, no matter how serious she feels the problem is.
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