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for The Focus of a Healer

8/23 c20 Robtar
such a good story, miss this story hope it gets an update soon
8/22 c20 Ame's world
A wonderful fic !
I really really can't wait to read more !
Thanks a lot
7/20 c4 Reaper1990
Sounds like leukemia, why not use phoenix tears in the blood stream?
7/16 c20 BobSquirrelKing
Forcing that station of canon in chapter 19 is probably the first issue I have with this otherwise great fic, though having the attempt at grabbing blood at the end fail takes some of the annoyance away. Having Moody approach Karkaroff is a bit of a copout, and doesn't really make that much sense (way too risky if he squealed).

That said, I am looking for the canon train to be derailed further and further by the massive changes that will result from the smaller differences (no death/three people saying the same thing makes the discrediting attempts less likely, the lack of a horcrux means no reason for Dumbledore to stay away from Harry as happened for most of OotP, Lily's protection should be unbroken meaning Moldyshorts has a bit of a disadvantage going against Harry in the future, it sounds like the Horcrux hunt is starting early, and that doesn't even get into Sirius being in France with work being done around his innocence). OotP's plot will be heavily derailed, and HDP stands a good chance as well.

So, while I am annoyed you felt a need to keep so much of the third task, I look forward to what you do with the rest of the story and have greatly enjoyed the story so far.
7/16 c13 Mugiii
The lack of mention of the map is a bit egregious.
7/11 c20 Guest
Still here. Still waiting.
7/10 c20 Dr Stranger
Great story so far, but now I'm sad; the Next button is missing.
7/10 c17 Dr Stranger
Still enjoying your story (and sad that I'm catching up with the last written chapter).

That said, this chapter (17) has an issue that pops up a couple of times. You make reference to how Astoria Greengrass's curse is hereditary, and mention how the grandmother had it, but that it skipped both parents. Unless Astoria's parents are brother and sister, one of them couldn't have had it (presumably the mother, as she married into the Greengrass family).
7/8 c10 Dr Stranger
Great story so far. But one error in this chapter (10); you make mention of Malfoy as being one of on the school board, but he was removed at the end of CoS.
7/5 c20 arata7kasuga
that was a nice touch with the apprenticeship:3
7/5 c19 arata7kasuga
with both Cedric and fleur still alive why didn't they summon the cup instead of running ?
7/5 c19 arata7kasuga
why blast his shoulder instead of just rendering him unconscious?
7/4 c20 xxPercyRoxxx
Love the story and can’t wait to read more.
7/3 c19 silversnitch4765
That ending was a cop out, they should’ve beat wormtail and took him along. The cutting curse after a conversation and no one can shield it? Great story so far but the ending of this chapter was a let down,
6/30 c20 Guest
Binged,loved can't wait for more.
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