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for Philadelphian twist

8/26 c1 11Roxy-Bluff
Wow that was pretty hot! I really hoped she would just ditch richie rich and be with Jess already
8/21 c1 Sarah
Don’t leave us hanging mate! This was so good!
8/12 c1 jordana60
I have to tell you, I’m a huge Jess/Milo fan. In fact, he’s always been number 1-5 on my elevator list,( let me know if you don’t know what that is!) I would have been equally happy if Jess and Rory ended up together in the later years as Much as Rory and Logan. To me, it all hangs on the story. Whichever way it goes, I do not like to see either Logan or Jess get hurt by Rory, and I love a Jess and Rory platonic friendship as long as both are happy. After that Gilmore- worthy rant, since I don’t get to know Logan in this story, I am choosing to go with the happier ending here for Jess and Rory. I felt the passion and connection between these 2. Thanks for this story!
8/11 c1 1sabrina-notthewitch
I like this! And I normally don’t indulge the Jess/Rory stories. But this is totally how that would have unfolded had she not suddenly gotten a conscience when she was sitting with him.

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