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for A Tale of Wings and Fangs

9/9 c26 DaV1nc136
This is great!
I’m totally sold for this one!
You gotta keep this good fanfic going!
I’d love to see what happens next and how Harry, Fleur and Cedric handle finding out they have to reduce hostages from the Merfolk and how Cedric, Fleur and Harry have to settle with an old feud between Merfolk and Veela, and the old, gold-digging dunderheads responsible for the Second Task!
Maybe we’ll even get a 12 A-rated love scene or two between Harry and Gabby later in the story?
9/4 c26 Guest
Waiting, ever waiting for the promised updates.
Please write and post them soon.
9/1 c26 jaqmaq77
Read it all up to date, today, 1st September 2023... really enjoying it...hope for more, but just realised I was so busy reading I missed the Hogwarts Express... Still... classes don't start till Monday, so I'll just Floo up and sneak in...
8/31 c26 Guest
Please if possible write faster to get the next chapter out.
Have a great week and coming weekend too.
8/31 c13 kingpj999
Half of the fic word count are author's notes
8/28 c26 dreamdemon 97
love the story. can't wait for the next chapter.
8/27 c26 Guest
Can't wait to see what is around the bend. Please write more soon.
8/20 c26 To lazy to login
Great story! But is it dropped or not?
8/19 c1 Neo Blizzard
Is the next update soon?
8/18 c26 Guest
Loved all 24 chapters and I can't wait for more soon so excited!
8/16 c26 Kronos99
Great story. I really enjoy the Harry x Gabby pairing when she is either aged up or her nine year old appearance was a disguise and she is Harry’s age. But I’m sorry to say that my only real complaint is this story was last updated 10-22-22. I’ve finished reading this story on 8-16-23 and no sign of an update.
8/15 c26 Guest
Glad to hear that you will not abandon this story, it is one of my favorites.
Please post new chapters as soon as you can.
8/10 c26 Guest
For now being a Pro, you sure are doing a fantastic job so far.
Please continue to post new chapters, Hope to see this story given a great ending when the time comes.
8/7 c26 DracoKing30
Really love this story can't wait for new chapters
8/5 c26 Fox Sage 1
Update please is been an year since the last one
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