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for A Tale of Wings and Fangs

1/27 c26 13N7 Greek-Valkyrie
Okay so Gabby will be Harry's, unless someone tries to be a moron/smart ass. Unless Gabby is still for Fleur and then maybe Neville for Harry? Either way somebody is going to get reemed for the second task.
1/27 c22 N7 Greek-Valkyrie
Okay that's twice I've spotted where something has happened and then in later chapters it's brought up again, but as if it's new information. 1st: during the Weighing of the Wands Ollivander mentioned Harry was Lord Potter, so Dumbledore knew about that since then. 2nd: After the first task Harry threatened/promised to create a Blood Feud with Minister Fudge, if he interfered with Amelia Bones doing her job to investigate Harry's claim of Sirius being innocent.
1/26 c26 pegm4n
I say this with no hesitation. This has been, by far, one of the better fics I've read. It is a creative take on the story, follows a solid storyline(especially with the changes from Canon), and is the perfect balance that keeps it entertaining but not pushing action to keep readers wanting to read. this has been a pleasure to read, and I look forward to further updates, and im even planning on keeping up with this till completion.
1/21 c26 Guest
Man you're doing great work!
1/20 c26 JettShay
Can't wait for the next chapter! Really enjoying the story!
1/13 c22 6Lord Shiva
Man, this is retarded. I get you are trying to bash the characters, but at least do it in a way that doesn't make it so every character only has one working brain cell.
1/8 c7 Andrew234
I'm hoping he gets storm manipulations/ air manipulation
1/7 c11 holymolymacadoo
way too much answering reviewers. send em an e-mail
1/7 c6 holymolymacadoo
yay. harry speaks up and becomes more proactive.
1/7 c5 holymolymacadoo
a really great chapter.
1/5 c18 ToddGilliss
Take your time
Do it right

Ginny and Hermione own Harry a life debt, take them out
1/5 c6 ToddGilliss
Great name for the creature
12/15/2022 c2 Guest
The Animagus transformation does not include potions use.
12/12/2022 c22 18IAmOutOfIdeas
Another continuity issue. You have Harry not knowing what a blood feud is, but he threatened Fudge with one when defending Sirius after the first task
12/12/2022 c20 IAmOutOfIdeas
Dumbledore learned about Harry being Lord Potter back during the weighing of the wands. While I enjoy the story, the poor continuity detracts from it. There was something else that was broke continuity, but I don’t remember what it was. Good story other than that
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