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for A Tale of Wings and Fangs

10/23 c14 1sherndon86
This story rules.
10/21 c1 Guest
Aging up the characters killed it for me. I've never read a good fic that does that. Inevitably it's done for one of two reasons. Either they want to write porn that starts in first year or they're complete prudes such as thinking cussing adds a dark tone or something like that. They can't imagine 13 year olds talking like that but instead of dropping the cussing they age up the characters and then somehow it makes it all right for their twisted morals.
10/21 c26 Guest
More please
10/18 c27 3WhiteElfElder
hope you find the time and energy to return to writing on this tail.
10/17 c27 Rio47
I love your story mate and I hope that you will continue it soon.
10/16 c26 arata7kasuga
Gabrielle is so precious c:
10/16 c25 arata7kasuga
she is a veela, she needs absolutely no makeup whatsoever. that aside, the dance sounded lovely and they finally kissed :3
10/16 c24 arata7kasuga
there is nothing wrong with an entirely black suit?
10/16 c27 1blcoachmac
Well dang, hopefully you will get back to it!
10/16 c26 blcoachmac
Will they let Krum know? When will they figure out it’s now a what but a who that they will miss the most?
10/16 c21 blcoachmac
Either Malfoy or Ronald? Both idiots!
10/16 c20 blcoachmac
Destroy Dumbledork and Molly, Ron and Percy! See if Ginny can be saved!
10/16 c17 blcoachmac
Really enjoying reading this! I hope Dumbles and Molly get their letters from Gringotts!
10/16 c16 blcoachmac
Sirius needs to go now!
10/16 c15 blcoachmac
But there has to be another magical school in France that harbors boys so Harry could threaten to go there!
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