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for A Tale of Wings and Fangs

10/16 c14 1blcoachmac
Again Dumbledork and McGonagall proved to be an enemy or just totally stupid!
10/15 c13 blcoachmac
I can just hear Dumbledore and Molly begging him to forgive them and forget the money they stole!
10/15 c12 blcoachmac
Again it is time to cry havoc and unleash the hounds of war on Dumbledore and Hogwarts!
10/15 c11 blcoachmac
You know, if it was me, and knowing that Harry is the last Potter, also Heir Potter and Heir Black, I would just kill them and require compensation from their families!
10/15 c9 blcoachmac
When Harry’s name comes out of the goblet he ought to embarrass Dumbledork in front of everyone! Then swear an oath that he didn’t enter his name and refuse to participate!
10/15 c6 blcoachmac
What is the Asmodius reference giving a shout out to the wheel of Time?
10/15 c27 KingBroly1120
Good luck with school. I'll enjoy the rest of the story if you ever pick it back up.
10/15 c3 Guest
10/13 c11 Yami no Hebi
I have a request. can you stop answering reviews in the beginning of the chapter. that would be awesome
10/13 c19 guest
jesus finally some fkn romance in the story they've barely interacted at all
10/11 c27 Jose Reyes
Aw man i got so exited when i got the notification
10/11 c27 sam
a writers is not a fucking update
10/11 c19 3alix33
Yum! at that mental pic I just had of that desk, bookcase and those dressers in each Ravenclaw dorm room.
The mental pic I got of Luna enthusiastically dragging Harry to his new dorm room was very sweet and cute.
"dark-haired" needed a hyphen.
Yay! at Harry having finally asked Gabrielle to go to the Yule Ball with him.
10/11 c17 alix33
I loved Harry's promise to Fudge.
I am glad Madam Pomfrey and Gabrielle, Madam Pomfrey's new little apprentice, are getting on so well.
I yearn with every fibre of my being to read Harry and Luna's Quibbler interview.
My very well developed vengeful side enjoyed every syllable out of Harry's mouth at Ron Weasley, Ginny Weasley and Hermione Granger.
I hereby volunteer to shove a knitting needle up Dumbles' prick. Then he would really have something legitimate to complain to the sorting hat about constantly.
With what did Luna record the questioning of Sirius and Harry?
Mind you, with what did she record the Quibbler interview with Harry in the medical tent or hut earlier?
10/11 c16 alix33
I like the mental pic I got of Neville, Luna and GAbrielle all sitting togehter, cheering on Harry and the one I got of Padfoot in his Potter-themed scarf.
Well done at getting the egg, Harry.
And now Sirius is in deep trouble because he wanted to protect Harry from the flames from the dragon that had woken up.
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