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10/11 c15 3alix33
Yay! at every syllable Harry said to snape and Dumbles in this chapter.
Hornbeam wood is pretty, if Google Images is to be believed.
Yay! at Harry having accepted Neville's apology and at the prospect of Neville teaching Harry how to be a lord of an ancient and noble house.
10/11 c14 alix33
AW! Thanks for helping Luna, Harry and Dobby.
You meant for prof. Flitwick to say "wouldn't be affecting you".
10/11 c13 alix33
You meant for Irongast to say "With pleasure, Lord Potter"
I love the mental pic I got of the vengence-and-revenge-filled grin on Irongast's face.
AW! I am looking forward so very much to every syllable that Irongast will tell Harry about his grandfather.
Jonah and Henrietta sounded lovely. I wish them well.
10/11 c12 alix33
You meant for Hagrid to say "Some of the professors even believe it".
I am moved nearly to tears by prof. Flitwick's believing Harry, Gabrielle and Fleur and the degree to which he is preapred to help Harry (he just offered him what sounded like duelling lessons after Harry ordered his expensive new custom-made wand).
10/11 c11 alix33
IMO Harry is now hex 100% justified if he were to off the bollocks and pricks of this Gryffindor year mates.
And Hermione should also be taught a hard sodding lesson.
Bless you, Dobby, for finding all of Harry's things!
I like the nasty look Fleur had in her eye.
10/11 c10 alix33
You meant "towards the boys' dorms".
Was it Hogwarts sstudents from all of the houses that attacked Harry?
10/11 c9 alix33
Yay! at Sirius' suggestion that Harry practice in the Chamber of Secrets.
I am as pissed off as Harry, if not even more, that Dumbles did not take his concern at al lseriously about the protections around the Goblet of Fire.
Gabrielle Delacour and Fleur sound sweet.
10/11 c8 alix33
Hermione declined or refused Harry's help.
I loved htat Harry told prof. Flitwick that Dumbles insists that Harry return to the magic-hating and Harry-hating dreadful Dursleys each end of the school year.
Asmodeus could probably sense Mad-Eye Moody not really being Mad-Eye Moody. And that's why Asmodeus and Harry both loathe this person who is allegedly Mad-Eye Moody.
10/11 c7 alix33
OK, so Asmodeus is a!
As is Harry's communication mirror that he and Sirius can now talk to one another with.
10/11 c26 4BROMBROS
Put a space between the beginning of the chapter and authors note.
10/11 c6 3alix33
You meant "the beast had surrounded him with its long body", "see the creature nod its head", "into the spell in case he caused", ".
AW! at Asmodeus' reaction to the name Harry picked out for him.
AW! I hope Juliana is a close reltaive of Harry's.
Take that, Draco Malfoy, for insutling Harry's late mom.
10/11 c5 alix33
Well done, Harry, at your partial transformation into your animagus form, at buying that five-compartment trunk and at getting the bedroom compartment of your trunk password-protected.
10/11 c3 alix33
You meant for Harry to take a bit of time to notice "it was the Weasleys' owl".
10/11 c2 alix33
What a sweet letter Sirius sent Harry.
And that other way of becoming an animagus that US witches and wizards from the native tribes have sounds majorly intriguing.
Yay! for Sirius having sent Harry the book about the US way of becoming an animagus.
10/10 c27 11Power of Magic
I'm sorry that you've had a large writers block for this fanfic, and I do hope that you'll be able to bash it back so that you can continue this story, as I'm really liking it so far. If you want any ideas, see if you can find other Harry Potter fanfics that have Harry dating Fleur and/or Gabrielle, and see if any of those can give you some ideas to use in this
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