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for A Tale of Wings and Fangs

9/8/2021 c9 10Lowten
Good fic.
when you say there will be bashing of Ron and Hermione do you mean they will become full on antagonists or do you mean they will still be friends but Harry will see and have to deal with their character flaws?
hope you can update soon
9/8/2021 c9 Sleeping Dog
The story is readable, yes the pairing sucks but it's hard to come up with worse pairings than canon so I don't care about that. The change in age is both annoying and stupid but easily ignored as it's rarely the focus.

The thing that gets me though is why the hell is Gabby there? She's the same age as Harry according to the AN and only people old enough to enter came over so why?

That and the dreadfully trite finding her attractive and blushing about it makes me dread the level of cringe the supposed romance part is going to induce.
9/8/2021 c1 Guest
I have to say that I'm excited by this story, but by the same token I also have to admit that I was more excited by the description alone.

Needing hundreds of words to tell what's different about the character never sits well with me. This summary non-chapter introduces a ton of AU elements which make the protagonist into a completely unrecognizable entity. It would be far smarter to actually show us how those changes came to be *in the story*.
9/8/2021 c9 10draconic skysong
wooh! I like where this is going. not the usual harry flurr TWT thing. so it's an interesting twist!
9/7/2021 c9 28Kairan1979
Why I'm not surprised Dumbledore refused to add extra protections to the Goblet? Of course, if Voldemort regaining his body was a part of the plan, it explains his blindness towards Fake Moody.
9/7/2021 c9 1serenityselena
I really like it that Sirius is so supportive and that Harry has someone in his corner...
poor Harry really has a lot of bad luck sometimes... the Chinese saying "may you live in interesting times" really applies to him...
eagerly awaiting to read more
9/7/2021 c9 Guest
shit harry is to weak
9/6/2021 c9 4angeldust889
Update soon again. I love it!
9/6/2021 c9 Inumiru
So, for parsletongue, i'd suggest using § (alt2,1 on the number pad) to denote it.

For animagus name, something not-serious. Slitherwing. ScaleFeather. All of the Marauder names were based on aspects of their forms after all.
9/6/2021 c9 17DS2010
Interesting being not at all impressed by their guest like Ron was of Viktor or Semaus of the Veela
9/6/2021 c8 DS2010
Glad Harry is working harder at his studies
9/6/2021 c9 bahnannah
If I was Harry and dumbledore was being sketchy, as usual, then I’d use that slytherin and Black part of me and work around him. I’d seek out flitwick and babbling. Flitwick I would straight up tell about my concerns and about dumbledore. He’s not under dumbledore’s thumb like mcg and would take harry seriously. With Babbling, I’d just use Hermione and her love of knowledge and mention that the goblet had to have all sorts of spells and protections on it lol it would be interesting to know how they worked or just what some of them were and too bad nobody knew. She’d get a research project started with Babbling in a heartbeat. Therefore, Harry would have a choice of circumventing the possibility of dumbledore throwing him under the bus.
9/6/2021 c9 Otagema-L
And so it begins... I'm excited too see some screen time for romance.
9/6/2021 c9 1dammyd
I know the world isn't Canon. And I am not saying that you cannot make Hermoine's character how you want. Ok, let me give you an example maybe you will get what I mean. In the very first chapter, you talked about Harry getting closer to Lupin and how that influenced things and caused him to be more Interested in being an Animagus. And all that led to the change down the line for Harry. Basically you created a backstop for him. You basically established how and why your Harry is different from Canon. We also know from the story summary that Phoenix tears and Basilik played a role in the new Harry.
But such a backstop doesn't exist for Hermoine. Thats all I am pointing out.
But you are right. its your story. Thank you for sharing your idea with the world and good luck with the story
9/6/2021 c8 Pattou59
good I see well harry take fleur as lady bllack and gabrielle as lady potter
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