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for Dragon Slayer in a World full of Pirates

10/9/2021 c2 JCarrasco
Keep it up I love this story please.
8/14/2021 c2 2Plebers
Since Natsu learned alot of magic through out the years when he was still in earthland, I hope you still don't forget about his etherious side and having some of the ex Taratrus members join him and add them to the new Spriggan 12.
8/13/2021 c2 Guest
It is an interesting idea since most of the stories are of natsu or more characters that go with luffy or other similar
8/13/2021 c1 Guest
Natsu from the alvarez arc and even the 100years quest is already shown to be more powerful than anything we have seen in one piece and he is only getting even more powerful though he might not be as fast as them cause one piece is a speedy verse, u giving him other magic and adding it to his already overpowered dragon slayer magic is overkill.

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