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9/24 c20 Guest
update please
9/21 c20 Deathchill
Just finished reading this fic again, still easily best dxd fic I've ever read. I wonder how Damian's singing voice is I imagine him starting a meeting with the new satans by singing sympathy for the devil. (Rolling stones)
9/17 c8 Krypton71
I want to say “Just… wow.” Again but I seem to recall saying that earlier. Mixed feelings about this chapter. I’m glad you’ve made other characters intelligent too…
9/17 c3 Krypton71
Just… wow. Brilliant!
9/14 c20 agpol257
What happened to Masaomi Yaegaki, Cleria Belial's lover? Will he still be revived by Rizevim? I had hoped that Cleria would revive him with Evil Pieces.
9/13 c20 Alexander Vhler
Cuando llega el siguiente capítulo?
9/12 c20 Nico360
9/11 c2 Zaid97
Interesting concept and very well written
Keep up the great work
9/8 c19 Poharan
Actually Michael being better with sword and Helel with magic are good dichotomy and easy to see with the tons of sacred sword and the fact that Helel invented the magic of all 72 pillars.
9/8 c20 3dragonmanb
I came a cross a song that reminds me of this fanfic. While it does not match it to a T. its a still a good fit. The other side from the moive the greatest show. I could see him sing that song.
9/5 c1 TrueLonginus
MC is acting like Rizevim tbh and it seems kinda pussy ngl
9/4 c20 Gamelord42
This is by far the best DxD fic I've ever read! Thank you for your wonderful writing! May the muses continue to inspire you! :D
9/3 c20 Ragn0r4k
Is he about to steal the shroud mcguffin from the church?

Anywhoo... Love this series. I almost dropped it when Aria died, his reason of not infringing on her free will to not mark her felt weak when he went around tagging everyone else like how the Chinese tag panda bears, but I understand you needed a 'woman in refrigerator' for plot and char dev reasons. And hopefully it is only temporary till he gets Valerie and the sephiroth graal.

w.r.t. Gretel situation, I have a resolution in mind that I think is good. It might already be what you are working towards, but I am writing it in case it isn't and if it works with what you have pictured in your head.
Damien doesn't want to pursue her actively because he doesn't want her to feel coerced into being in a relationship with him because of her lucifuge past and having a nightingale syndrome.
So, Damien has a sappy scene with Gretel where he asks her to stop being his maid and be his gf instead, because he'll feel like he isn't abusing the power he has over, It also has the added benefit of setting her apart from Grayfia whom Gretel dislikes a lot. Damien did tell Gretel that he wanted her, not a lucifuge, what better way to prove that?

Looking forward to your story (all of them actually)
8/30 c20 Guest
Please update it
8/27 c20 Guest
I enjoyed this story, but God damn the pacing is extremely slow.
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