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for Deal with the Devil

1/23 c23 Black
You've probably heard this a million times before but moooooorrreeeee pleaaaassseeeee!
1/25 c23 yoganksri
liked the story so far.. hopefully will get an update soon
1/25 c23 VongolaPrimo53
1/25 c5 StoneTheLoner
Oh goodie. I'm only a couple of paragraphs into this chapter and I can already tell my last review was completely accurate.
1/25 c4 StoneTheLoner
Let me guess, half of the next chapter will be him thinking about his training or actually training? I totally wouldn't expect that at this point. Nope. You know what we could also use? A hundred paragraphs on random crap like nobody character b is related to person c who is part of faction whatever tf.

It's not like anybody wants some actual story to happen, now do we?
1/25 c3 StoneTheLoner
Why am I reading a wiki instead of a story most of the time? So you made notes and spent some time researching. Cool. But don't punish your readers with it. We don't need this amount of it.
1/25 c2 StoneTheLoner
Dude... what the fck is up with the constant naruto or chakra or hokage references? This isn't Naruto. He doesn't have Naruto powers.
1/20 c23 Black
1/21 c22 1Thyrokio
Nice entry for Damien! This fic is pretty epic.
1/21 c14 Thyrokio
It's nice to see Damien's développement in skills and character.
1/21 c8 Thyrokio
Damn, what a twist! Very well done.
1/17 c23 Trevion1 Brownlee
This was another amazing chapter and it’s like the third time I reread this
1/15 c1 Trevion1 Brownlee
We need more chapters this is amazing
1/15 c23 JimmyBlah
10/10 quality as always my guy, thanks for the wonderful chapter
1/13 c11 3Huntsman331
"After all, have you seen people hating random strangers with all their beings?"
I have. Try League of Legends, you'll wish the most terrible deaths on your allies. I've seen people actually wishing their teammates got cancer or autism, it's a regular occurrence.
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