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for Deal with the Devil

1m c35 crimson666devil
Hope to see more, this is great
6/22 c35 IsakDemn
this is super good, aatill waiting for more of the game must go on
6/21 c35 evilstatistic19
Good chapter. I'm looking forward to the next one. I approve of Rizevim's death; he doesn't deserve a climactic sendoff, nor does it make sense for the MC to not use his many abilities to insta-kill him at the first opportunity.
6/20 c35 1Nai Darkor
I’m really curious about the explanation.
6/18 c35 Guest
Damien finally got his revenge against Rizevim, kinda fitting end as well. looking forward to the revelations next chapter that were teased in the author's notes, wonder if they are related to God and his body considering it was kept in the Longinus Spear
6/20 c35 ChulK
Thanks for the chapter.
6/18 c35 Guest
ah such a anticlimantic end for the overpowered joker

yeaaaah, complete hypnosis is always OP to the strong

i think Aizen woulda won if he stopped friggin monologging, playin around and just was pragmatic about his usage of illusions to just comoletely blind everyone to reality

maybe level it up to limited omnipotence lol make the illusions real
6/19 c35 shypunk
thanks for the chapter and for writing.
6/17 c35 Fair
Haha, i totally forgot about the kyoka suigetsu spell. Talk about a chekov's gun paying off
6/17 c35 Guest
Damn illusion magic can really be op if you get it to a high enough level. I can’t wait to find out the aftermath of all this and the new revelations
6/19 c35 Emyat
fck why did read this now,

what a cliffhanger. What a waste of bege reading this, i wish i would have waited afew more months

anyway, great story. I hope you finish this.
6/18 c35 BennyTheConquerer
awesome. Now I need more. I've always been a sucker for the kind of ending you put in this chapter, and it's such a nice conclusion/cliffhanger.
6/18 c34 shypunk
thanks for the chapter and for writing.
6/18 c35 docfrodo2
amazing chapter
6/18 c35 Pathreader
Finally! Rizevim is dead! All hail Helel!
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