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1/3 c31 ikusatsunagi
Thx for another great chapter
1/1 c31 Chris
This is one of my favourite series I’m glad it got another update
1/1 c31 Guest
amusing scene with how cleria reveals that devils and fallen angels can go to heaven after they die
1/1 c31 Guest
Wow devils in heaven watching everyone react to that one would be priceless and being able to hear prayers does seem useful especially for trolling. As resurrection he should be careful with that or everyone will want a piece of him
1/1 c31 Unknown
I Love This Story I've Been Here Since It Began And It Never Fails To Get Me Hooked For More.

This, In My Personal Opinion Is... Perfection. And It's Still Ongoing Which Is Good Cause Other Stories I've Read While Good Has Not The Flow This Story Has. This Latest Chapter Is An Example Of It.

Sorry About The Rant But Seriously This Is A Masterpiece Of A Story The Endings Of Each Chapter Feels Like Something Big Is Going Down In The Next Chapter And I Can't Wait For It. Just Wondering What Damien's Response Is To Kokabiel Attack Going To Be Or What Is Kokabiel Plan Against Damien.

To A Different Topic When Is Isekai Restaurant Going To Get New Chapter? Just Asking Is All Cause Both This And The Restaurant Story Is Top Notch And They Are The Only Stories That Keeps Getting Great In This Dull Life I've Been Having Lately. Not Asking For New Chapters Immediately Cause As They Say, You Can't Rush Art, And I Don't Mind The Wait Just Curious On When Is The New Chapter For Isekai Restaurant Is Coming Cause I Want To See Both Gojo And Kisuke Obliterate Zouken And See What Action Shinji Is Going To Do. Is He Going To Let Sukuna Control His Body Or Cry And Die Like The Scum He Is.
1/2 c2 1MysticRising
Im a huge Fate fan, and one huge aspect of the lore is progression and stagnation. Non human species like faeries or gods are far beyond human in terms of power, but just power. They stagnant. They do not innovate, do not change. That is the reason why humans dominated when there were such monsters out there, because humans have a future brimming with possibilities, while these beings for all their power can only mimic humanity.
I do not articulate my thoughts well, but I believe I can at least convey why non human species like the devils fail to try to understand their magic and improve themselves. Because they themselves are stagnation and need humans.
1/2 c31 shypunk
thanks for the chapter and for writing
1/2 c31 Hadrian.Caeser
1/2 c31 Primarx
thanks for the chapter. wonder how lilith will feel towards MC
1/2 c31 dan.lew.upg
cant wait for more
1/2 c31 kageknuser2710
Great chapter! Thank you:
1/2 c31 branphillips001
Been a while. I was looking forward to Lilith. I imagine her as somewhere between Supernatural's version and Charlie from from Hazbin Hotel, depending on her mood. Very bi-polar.
1/1 c31 InfinityMask
Hagoromo Gitsune pov is funny! Haha. Domain and fear really fun.

I wonder whatever celia bullsh iting or not… or that just front of Damien so people not questioning how he resurrected people long gone? But she said she is offered place? Is she lied?
1/1 c31 P3aceful
1/1 c31 LordDarkness89
thanks for the chapter. and happy New year. it would be great if you introduce some of Lucifer old enemy
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