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2/10 c33 Primarx
thanks for the chapter. interesting twist. still waiting to see mc thoughts about lilith and having her interact with everyone
2/10 c33 dan.lew.upg
cant wait for more
2/10 c33 5plums
I kinda hope he busts out the fact he secretly had all the four holy relics and reincarnates the biblical god right there.

Either way, it doesn't really feel like this fight should be happening at all... like he obviously planned for it to occur, why even fight them at all directly. Just blow up the battlefield or something. Feels needlessly risky.
2/10 c33 frankieu
nice chapter thx for writing it
2/9 c33 1Nai Darkor
"Sometimes all you need is a baseball bat (made of metal)" - dunno maybe Metal Bat from One Punch Man?
2/9 c33 InfinityMask
Hmm I’m curious what GoB plans. Also whatever we would see his wife. And what his prime power lv compared to ophis, GR, or Shiva etc.
2/9 c33 Uday Sra
2/9 c33 Misaka Phenex
The lore was getting interesting :v
2/9 c33 LordDarkness89
thanks for the chapter bro.
2/9 c33 syawaltdl
will you be updating The Game Must Go On
2/9 c33 jharrell819
First off I love the 5d chess comment at the end. Great chapter as usual I can't wait to see more chapters. And honestly I'm super stoked to see the end of the discussion about the Angels mother.
2/6 c1 Guest
Why are the updates so slow
2/5 c2 6deacon94
Yikes Damien better watch his ass around katera literally. Then again maybe he should be thanking God that she ain't a shotacon on top of being crazy
2/3 c32 1MysticRising
Can you clarify the timeline? Apparently God's wife was sealed BECAUSE of humanity, yet here Damien states the angels were born after she was sealed or where too young. Im just massively confused because Lucifer rebeled at least a long time after this event, so why did Lilith remain unmarried for that long? Im so confused.
Also epic cliffahanger.
2/2 c1 Dogofcoconut
What is it with authors that write so exciting and hooking in the start, going full POV salad so our mc's point becomes just another tomato slice that we see from time to time. T_T
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